We Have A Big Style Crush On Little Pixie Geldof

While it may look like today’s choice is only due to the fact that last week’s was about her sister, we’re doing this week’s post on Pixie Geldof because her style rocks. Perhaps even more so than her sister’s…. Hmmm what do you guys think?

We’re big fans of Pixie in terms of style because she’s such a little chameleon, whether it be through her haircut, hair colour, make up or radical style changes – just check out the first two pics of this post to understand what we’re talking about.
She seems like a completely different person from one day to the next, which we LOVE because we can completely identify with this – one day we’ll wish we’d been a teenager in the 90s with checked oversized shirts and ripped shorts, the next we’ll wish we had Jacky O’s class and style, but the day after we’ll feel like we want to be a lot more androgynous in a Jane Birkin kind of way.
Her style tends to either be very punk and grunge or very 60s chic, all the while being consistently on trend. Genius.

One question we’re dying to ask her: Did she get the pixie haircut because of her name harr harr… We’re serious though. DID SHE??

pixie-geldof-best-looks-stylechi-60s-black-mid-sleeve-coat-burgundy-ankle-grazer-skinny-jeans-nautical-grey-striped-top-heeled-mocassins-brunette-crop Pixie-Geldof-Best-Looks-StyleChi-90s-Grunge-Hold-Up-Tights-Leather-Jacket-Sunglasses-Floral-Dress-Backpack-Lace-Up-Boots-Discman-Blonde Pixie-Geldof-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Black-Coat-Top-High-Waist-Puff-Out-Midi-Shimmer-Green-Gold-Skirt-Brunette-Crop Pixie-Geldof-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Black-High-Neck-Crop-Top-Navy-High-Waist-Midi-Leather-Skirt-Grey-Coat-Leopard-Chain-Bag-Platform-Heels-Brunette Pixie-Geldof-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Black-Leather-Jacket-Headband-Heart-Necklace-Floral-High-Waist-Skirt-Belt-Blonde Pixie-Geldof-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Black-Leather-Jacket-High-Waist-Ripped-Knee-Jeans-Peep-Toe-Wedges-White-Red-Crop-Top-Oversize-Bag-Multi-Chain-Necklace-Punk-Grunge-Blonde Pixie-Geldof-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Black-Leather-Jacket-Quilted-Chain-Bag-Jeans-Socks-Suede-Sandals-Cross-Necklace-Leopard-Shirt-Brown-Blonde-Dip-Dye Pixie-Geldof-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Black-Long-Sleeve-Dress-Studded-Leather-Jacket-Multi-Chain-Necklace-Hold-Up-Tights-Grey-Hair-Patent-Heels Pixie-Geldof-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Black-Sweater-Yellow-Blue-Floral-Midi-Skirt-Silver-Heels-Leopard-Chain-Bag-Brunetter-Pixie-Cut Pixie-Geldof-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Black-Textured-Coat-Split-Long-Black-Jersey-Dress-Pink-Heels-Dark-Brown-Fringe-Bob Pixie-Geldof-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Blue-Jumper-White-Text-Print-Midi-Puff-Out-Skirt-Pointed-Sandals-Brunette Pixie-Geldof-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Blue-Velvet Blazer-Studded-Dress-Black-Lace-Up-Boots-Cross-Necklace-Long-Blonde-Fringe-Hair Pixie-Geldof-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Brown-Collarless-Suede-Fringe-Jacket-Black-Mini-Dress-Boots-Brunette-Harry-Styles Pixie-Geldof-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Brown-Hat-Floral-Leopard-Patterned-Cami-Dress-Croc-Wellies-Sunglasses Pixie-Geldof-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Checked-Black-Grey-Shirt-Studded-Leather-Jacket-Statement-Chain-Earrings-Blonde-White-Crop Pixie-Geldof-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Cherry-White-Retro-Halterneck-Swimsuit-Sunglasses-Brunette Pixie-Geldof-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Denim-Bralette-Black-High-Waist-Jeans-Chunky-Punk-Boots-Cross-Necklace-Blonde Pixie-Geldof-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Elle-Style-Awards-2013-Red-Hot-Pepper-Pattern-Midi-Dress-Black-Peep-Toes-Red-Carpet-Blonde Pixie-Geldof-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Festival-Fashion-Black-Lace-Cardigan-V-Neck-Crop-Top-Mini-Jersey-Shorts-Knee-High-Socks-Lace-Up-Boots-Sunglasses-Blonde pixie-geldof-best-looks-stylechi-festival-fashion-croc-wellies-high-waist-denim-shorts-patterned-crop-top-hoodie-camo-jacket-red-hair-fringe-bob Pixie-Geldof-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Festival-Fashion-Glastonbury-2013-White-Burn-Out-V-Neck-T-Shirt-Camo-Mini-Shorts-Black-Ankle-Chelsea-Boots-Sunglasses-Blue-Cross-Body-Bag-Cross-Necklace-Brunette Pixie-Geldof-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Festival-Fashion-Sunglasses-Croc-Wellies-Leather-Jacket-Leopard-Shirt-Orange-Hair Pixie-Geldof-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Festival-Style-Wellies-Ripped-Shorts-Red-Parka-Round-Sunglasses-Blonde Pixie-Geldof-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Floral-Patterned-Shirt-Navy-Split-Midi-Leather-Skirt-Star-Embellishment-Silver-Sandals-Leopard-Bag-Brunette-Crop Pixie-Geldof-Best-Looks-StyleChi-French-Nautical-White-Red-Three-Quarter-Sleeve-Top-Boyfriend-Jeans-Leopard-Chain-Bag-Grey-COat Pixie-Geldof-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Furry-Grey-White-Black-Coat-Beret-Hat-Black-Wedge-Boots-Blonde Pixie-Geldof-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Gold-Bling-Quilted-Black-Collarless-Jacket-Black-Trousers-Platform-Sandals-Statement-Gold-Earrings-White-Blonde-Hair Pixie-Geldof-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Grey-High-Waist-Skirt-Black-Top-Denim-Jacket-Brown-Bag-White-Socks-Blonde Pixie-Geldof-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Grey-Sweater-Black-Mini-Skirt-Black-Punk-Lace-Up-Boots-Floral-Headband-Blonde Pixie-Geldof-Best-Looks-StyleChi-High-Waist-Striped-Nautical-Skirt-Black-Knitted-Top-Cross-Necklace-Patent-Trench-Coat-Chunky-Shoes-Blonde Pixie-Geldof-Best-Looks-StyleChi-House-Of-Holland-London-Show-Rooms-Navy-Red-Bodycon-Dress-Burgundy-Peep-Toes Pixie-Geldof-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Leopard-Strappy-Maxi-Dress-90s-Blonde Pixie-Geldof-Best-Looks-StyleChi-London-Fashion-Week-Blue-High-Neck-Knit-Checked-Navy-Red-Pleated-Skirt-Silver-Heels-Leopard-Bag-Grey-Coat-Brunette-Crop Pixie-Geldof-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Long-Sleeve-Denim-Jumpsuit-Statement-EarringsOrange-Clutch-Curly-Blonde-Daisy-Lowe Pixie-Geldof-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Long-Sleeve-Renaissance-Picture-Dress-Croc-Satchel Pixie-Geldof-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Matching-Floral-Cami-Top-Split-Midi-Skirt-Silver-Heels-Brunette-Kate-Moss Pixie-Geldof-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Navy-Polka-Dot-Wide-Leg-Playsuit-Brown-Fur-Coat-Cross-Necklace-Blonde Pixie-Geldof-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Orange-BrickMid-Sleeve-Shift-Mini-Dress-Tan-Black-Barely-There-Heels-Sunglasses-Brunette-Crop Pixie-Geldof-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Orange-Long-Sleeve-Pleated-V-Neck-Belted-Dress-Leopard-Clutch-Navy-Satin-Cross-Front-Heels-Black-Crop Pixie-Geldof-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Oversized-Two-Tone-Khaki-Grey-Shirt-Dress-Brown-Belt-Statement-Chain-Necklace-Sunglasses-Chunky-Pink-White-Peep-Toe-Platforms-Blonde Pixie-Geldof-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Oversize-White-Shirt-Navy-Pleated-Midi-Skirt-Silver-Heels-Leopard-Bag-Brunette-Pulled-Back-Hair pixie-geldof-best-looks-stylechi-peplum-dress-black-green-shimmer-strappy-losange-dress-brunette Pixie-Geldof-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Pink-Sleeveless-Dress-Clutch-Iridescent-Hologram-Pointed-Heels-Brunette-Crop Pixie-Geldof-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Red-Carpet-Black-Mid-Sleeve-Dress-Textured-Skirt-Peep-Toe-Heels-Brunette-Pixie-Crop Pixie-Geldof-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Red-Carpet-Strapless-Long-Black-Dress-Star-Pattern-Multi-Chain-Necklace-Leopard-Chain-Bag-Blonde-Bob Pixie-Geldof-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Round-Sunglasses-Wellies-Khaki-Army-Jacket-Brown-Satchel-Bag-Beanie-Blonde Pixie-Geldof-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Saatchi-Gallery-One-Shoulder-Asymmetrical-Red-Burgundy-Dress-Peep-Toes-Cross-Necklace-Bleached-Short-Fringe-Cut Pixie-Geldof-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Studded-Belt-Jersey-High-Waisted-Bodycon-Skirt-Lace-Bralette-Grey-Knee-High-Socks-Lace-Up-Boots-Sunglasses-Blonde Pixie-Geldof-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Tartan-Checked-Brown-Yellow-Beige-Matching-Coat-Skirt-Blue-Mini-Satchel-Bag-Chunky-Platform-Sandals-Brunette-Bob Pixie-Geldof-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Tunnel-Of-Love-Navy-Cable-Knit-Sweater-Black-Ankle-Grazer-Jeans-Stuffed-Animal-Clutch-Studded-Heeled-Clogs-Gold-Chain-Necklace-Brunette Pixie-Geldof-Best-Looks-StyleChi-WarnerBros-Instyle-After-Party-Red-Carpet-Blue-Midi-Lace-Dress-Square-Scallop-Neckline-Brunette Pixie-Geldof-Best-Looks-StyleChi-White-Half-Sleeve-Top-Grey-High-Waist-Midi-Skirt-Silver-Heels-Red-Polka-Dot-Bag-Ginger-Bob
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No lies.

Well That’s Just Peaches Isn’t It

Hello everyone,

Today we look into Peaches Geldof’s style. Now we’ve heard it all about Peaches guys… why is she famous, what does she do, just because she’s got famous parents blablabla…
We are not a gossip column and we pick people based on style innit, and Peaches is up there on our stylish celeb list.
Peaches’s style is a blend of bohemian, retro and preppy chic – three of our fav’ fashion movements – and has evolved with time so you should notice a nice mash up of different looks belonging to different eras.
Fun fact: Peaches is called, well, Peaches, but her middlename is Honeyblossom, her sisters are called Little Pixie Geldof and Fifi Trixibelle Geldof and her younger half-sister is called Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily Hutchence Geldof… which are all completely normal names given by parents who were most definitely not under the influence…
To be clear though, that still does not make us a gossip column. We’re just innocently informing the public of Peaches’s family tree in case they’re interested.

Peaches-Geldof-StyleChi-Best-Looks-20s-Retro-Black-Sequin-Sheer-Dress-Beige-Fringed-Velvet-Kimono Peaches-Geldof-StyleChi-Best-Looks-2009-White-Short-Sleeve-Retro-Dress-Black-Tights-Lace-Up-Heeled-Boots Peaches-Geldof-StyleChi-Best-Looks-2013-20s-Retro-V-Neck-Sleeveless-Sheer-Sequin-Black-Dress Peaches-Geldof-StyleChi-Best-Looks-2013-Pregnant-Blue-Dress-Square-Neck-Metallic-Shoes Peaches-Geldof-StyleChi-Best-Looks-AW14-Etam-Paris-Fashion-Week-Black-Leather-Jacket-White-Crop-Top-Pencil-Skirt-Chain-Bag-Pointed-Heels peaches-geldof-stylechi-best-looks-baby-bump-retro-navy-dress-multicoloured-polka-dots Peaches-Geldof-StyleChi-Best-Looks-Beige-Scarf-Checked-Brown-Red-Coatigan-Ankle-Grazing-Skinny-Jeans-Silver-White-Heels Peaches-Geldof-StyleChi-Best-Looks-Black-Beret-Hat-White-Sleeveless-Shirt-Skinny-Jeans-Buckled-Heeled-Shoe-Boots peaches-geldof-stylechi-best-looks-black-gold-long-sleeve-mesh-insert-crochet-gold-bead-embellished-high-neck-mini-dress-sandals Peaches-Geldof-StyleChi-Best-Looks-Black-Leather-Jacket-Striped-White-Top-Black-Trousers-Barely-There-Platform-Sandals-Chain-Bag Peaches-Geldof-StyleChi-Best-Looks-Black-Long-Sleeve-White-Ruffle-Pan-Collar-Cuffs-Denim-Shorts-Mocassins-Husband Peaches-Geldof-StyleChi-Best-Looks-Braided-Hair,White-Ruffle-Neck-Black-Top Peaches-Geldof-StyleChi-Best-Looks-Cream-Dress-Baby-Bump-Color-Block-Black-Inserts-Beige-Bag-White-Heels Peaches-Geldof-StyleChi-Best-Looks-Denim-Buttoned-Up-Maxi-Dress-Black-Mocassins-Orange-Patterned-Jacket Peaches-Geldof-StyleChi-Best-Looks-Drape-Neck-Floral-Maxi-Dress-Boyfriend Peaches-Geldof-StyleChi-Best-Looks-Fashion-Week-London-Temperley-Show-Red-Maxi-Dress-Metallic-Belt-Floral-Headband Peaches-Geldof-StyleChi-Best-Looks-Festival-Fashion-Glastonbury-2013-Brown-Leather-Jacket-White-Dress-Maxi-Lace-Overlay-Quilted-Chanel-Bag Peaches-Geldof-StyleChi-Best-Looks-Festival-Fashion-Glastonbury-2013-Brown-Suede-Jacket-Cut-Off-Denim-Shorts-Patent-Chelsea-Boots-Quilted-Chain-Cross-Body-Bag-Black-Hat-Boyfriend Peaches-Geldof-StyleChi-Best-Looks-Festival-Fashion-Glastonbury-2013-White-Buttoned-Dress-Lace-Overlay-Black-Ankle-Boots-Chanel-Quilted-Bag Peaches-Geldof-StyleChi-Best-Looks-Floral-Headband-Light-Blue-Ruffle-Buttoned-Dress-White-Bag Peaches-Geldof-StyleChi-Best-Looks-Hi-Lo-Black-Sleeveless-Dress-Metallic-Belt-Suede-Strappy-Sandals-Heart-Bag Peaches-Geldof-StyleChi-Best-Looks-Hi-Lo-Sleeveless-Black-Dress-Metallic-Belt-Suede-Strappy-Sandals-Heart-Bag Peaches-Geldof-StyleChi-Best-Looks-Lace-Crochet-Retro-White-Mini-Dress Peaches-Geldof-StyleChi-Best-Looks-Leather-Jacket-Short-Skirt-Dress-Grunge-Checkered-Shirt-Black-Lace-Up-Heeled-Boots-Floral-Headband Peaches-Geldof-StyleChi-Best-Looks-Lilac-Sparkly-Glittery-Pleated-Short-Contrasting-White-Collar-Cuffs-Shirts-Dress Peaches-Geldof-StyleChi-Best-Looks-London-Fashion-Week-2013-Long-Sleeve-Nude-Embroidered-Beaded-Blue-Gold-Detail-Patent-Pointed-Black-Heels-Pixie-Lott Peaches-Geldof-StyleChi-Best-Looks-Long-Black-Maxi-Embellished-Collar-Clutch Peaches-Geldof-StyleChi-Best-Looks-Off-the-Shoulder-Black-Crop-Top-High-Waist-Midi-Leather-Skirt-Barely-There-Heels Peaches-Geldof-StyleChi-Best-Looks-Pink-Coat-Contrasting-Red-Collar-Light-Blue-Square-Collar-Drop-Waist-Pleated-Short-Dress-Baby-Bump-Silver-Heels peaches-geldof-stylechi-best-looks-pixie-blue-tweed-style-set-jacket-skirt Peaches-Geldof-StyleChi-Best-Looks-Plastic-See-Through-Biker-Jacket-Black-Shorts-Lace-Ruffle-Top-Quilted-Chanel-Bag Peaches-Geldof-StyleChi-Best-Looks-Pregnant-Baby-Bump-Elle-Style-Awards-Old-Pink-Mid-Sleeve-Coral-Lace-Gown Peaches-Geldof-StyleChi-Best-Looks-Prometheus-Premiere-Strapless-Silver-Embellished-Midi-Dress-Black-Studded-Strappy-Sandals Peaches-Geldof-StyleChi-Best-Looks-Red-Carpet-White-Bustier-Silver-Waistband-Black-Velvet-Skirt-Dress peaches-geldof-stylechi-best-looks-red-v-neck-sleeveless-gown Peaches-Geldof-StyleChi-Best-Looks-Red-White-Floral-Dress Peaches-Geldof-StyleChi-Best-Looks-Ripped-Denim-Shorts-Black-Lace-Up-Boots-Grey-Cardi Peaches-Geldof-StyleChi-Best-Looks-Shearling-Beige-Jacket Peaches-Geldof-StyleChi-Best-Looks-Sheer-Oversized-Shirt-Black-Mini-Dress-Wide-Strap-Sandals-Cross-Body-Bag Peaches-Geldof-StyleChi-Best-Looks-Sleeveless-Black-Midi-Dress-High-Neck-Platform-Chelsea-Ankle-Boots Peaches-Geldof-StyleChi-Best-Looks-Striped-Black-White-Long-Sleeve Off-The-Shoulder-Bodysuit-High-Waist-Grey-Jersey-Skirt-Ballerina-Flats-Oversized-Bag-Bob Peaches-Geldof-StyleChi-Best-Looks-Striped-Fur-Jacket-Black-Hat-Knee-High-Socks-White-Blouse-Black-Lace-Skirt-Clutch Peaches-Geldof-StyleChi-Best-Looks-Studded-Leather-Black-Jacket-Flower-Hat-Oversized-Bag-Leopard-Tights-Statement-Pearl-Necklace Peaches-Geldof-StyleChi-Best-Looks-Vintage-Patterned-Half-Sleeve-Mini-Dress-Straw-Bag-Boyfriend-Holiday Peaches-Geldof-StyleChi-Best-Looks-White-Beaded-Midi-Shift-Sheer-Top-Dress-Pointed-Black-Suede-Heels Peaches-Geldof-StyleChi-Best-Looks-White-Lace-Long-Sleeve-Victorian-Lace-Catwalk-Black-Sleeveless-Bodycon Dress

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Say Hello To Lupita Nyong’o, The Red Carpet Newbie Who Always Gets It Right

Hello all,

So today we decided we just had to post about Lupita Nyong’o.

Award season has been fruitful for her to say the least, but not just in terms of prizes. The outfits she has come out with have practically all made us mentally go: wowowowow!

Lupita has most of the time gone for bright coloured gowns and overlooked patterns in favour of cut-outs and structured shapes. And boy has it paid off! She looks like a million gazillion dollars.

Lup’, you’re very much a new comer in the Hollywood scene but you’ve already got the awards and fashion aspects dialed down. All we can say is: respect.

Oh and we also liked her acceptance speech at the Oscars; she seemed sincerely emotional (we know she got the best supporting actress award so we probably shouldn’t trust any display of emotion coming from her or any actor/actress ever. Ha. But we can’t help it.) which we found adorable.

Oooooh, by the way, don’t forget to check out Ms Nyong’o’s feet. The lady has mastered the art of shoesing. Yes, there is such a thing as the art of shoesing. It’s about choosing the perfect shoe for your outfit, duh – not an easy feat, right? Right.

Lupita Nyong'O Red Carpet Best Looks StyleChi Black Cross Front Cut Out Midi Length Dress Lupita Nyong'O Red Carpet Best Looks StyleChi Black Strapless Playsuit White Polka Dot Heels Lupita Nyong'O Red Carpet Best Looks StyleChi Black White Wrap Suit Jacket Dress Lupita Nyong'O Red Carpet Best Looks StyleChi Blue White Patterned Dress Matching Heels Lupita Nyong'O Red Carpet Best Looks StyleChi Blue Yellow Floral V-Neck Dress Matching Heels Lupita Nyong'O Red Carpet Best Looks StyleChi Bronze Satin Strappy Cross Front Dress Lupita Nyong'O Red Carpet Best Looks StyleChi Cobalt Blue Asymmetrical Cut Out Dress Lupita Nyong'O Red Carpet Best Looks StyleChi Coral Blue Yellow Patterned Dress Matching Heels Lupita Nyong'O Red Carpet Best Looks StyleChi Cut Out Sleeveless Black Dress Metallic Stripes Premiere 12 Years A Slave Lupita Nyong'O Red Carpet Best Looks StyleChi Deep Plunge V-Neck Yellow Half Sleeve Dress Lupita Nyong'O Red Carpet Best Looks StyleChi Elie Saab Dress Matching Coat Heels Lupita Nyong'O Red Carpet Best Looks StyleChi Elle UK Blue Green Striped Top Patterned Trousers Hoop Earrings Lupita Nyong'O Red Carpet Best Looks StyleChi Green Strapless Gown Gold Belt Arm Cuffs Lupita Nyong'O Red Carpet Best Looks StyleChi Neon Yellow Lime Green High Neck Sweater Patterned Shorts Lupita Nyong'O Red Carpet Best Looks StyleChi Nude Asymmetrical One Shoulder Dress Black Strappy Shoes Lupita Nyong'O Red Carpet Best Looks StyleChi Orange Deep Plunge V-Neck Cynched Dress Lupita Nyong'O Red Carpet Best Looks StyleChi Orange Sleeveless Dress Leopard Print Shoes Lupita Nyong'O Red Carpet Best Looks StyleChi Oscars 2014 Light Blue Prada Pleated Deep Plunge V-Neck Dress Lupita Nyong'O Red Carpet Best Looks StyleChi Pink Black Deep Plunge V-Neck Belted Gown Lupita Nyong'O Red Carpet Best Looks StyleChi Pink Short Sleeve Cut Out Dress Lupita Nyong'O Red Carpet Best Looks StyleChi Red Off The Shoulder Cape Dress Lupita Nyong'O Red Carpet Best Looks StyleChi Stella McCartney Long Sleeve Short Jumpsuit Lupita Nyong'O Red Carpet Best Looks StyleChi Strapless Crop Top Matching Pencil Skirt Blue Heels Rockabilly Haircut Lupita Nyong'O Red Carpet Best Looks StyleChi Turquoise Gown Embellished £D Floral Neck lupita-nyongo-red-carpet-best-looks-stylechi-white-halterneck-cut-out-dress Lupita Nyong'O Red Carpet Best Looks StyleChi White Long Sleeve Embellished Gown Lupita Nyong'O Red Carpet Best Looks StyleChi White Sleeveless Crop Top Pencil Skirt Pointed Heels Lupita Nyong'O Red Carpet Best Looks StyleChi White Strapless Midi Bow Dress Red Heels Lupita Nyong'O Red Carpet Best Looks StyleChi Wrap Deep V-Neck Dress Blue White Lupita Nyong'O Red Carpet Best Looks StyleChi Wrap V-Neck Dress Blue White Lupita Nyong'O Red Carpet Best Looks StyleChi Yellow Mustard Sleeveless Cut-Out Gown

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Time To Get Carrie-d Away With Ms Bradshaw

It is a well-known fact that Sarah Jessica Parker had many a fabulous fashion moment in Sex and The City – hell, the show turned her into a full blown fashion icon – and we think it’s time for a quick style flashback. We apologise in advance for not being able to find ALL our fav’ Carrie outfits for you – there are many more than the ones below.

Funnily enough, we actually didn’t really used to believe that SJP’s style in the show was as brilliant or revolutionary as people said and couldn’t understand what it was they were raving on so fiercely about…. until we started re-watching a few episodes ourselves that is – that’s what lazy Sundays are for right?

And then it dawned on us… *gadunk* (that’s the sound of our jaws dropping by the way) – this is what they’d been talking about this whole time! See, we had faded memories of SJP strutting her stuff down NY streets in some crazy Jimmy Choos which neither us nor our friends would have been seen dead in. Same went for the crazy print coats which seemed completely unwearable – everyone at school would have made fun of us had we shown up in that! And the list goes on… But we had forgotten one elementary factor my friends; when we started watching Sex and The City, we were only young ones really (and our parents probably should not have let us watch this series given the industrious quantity of sexual references and graphic scenes in it) which meant we were also fashion novices. 10 years down the line, we can now fully appreciate Carrie Bradshaw’s genius.

Between the bodycon skirts, retro flowery dresses, the crop tops, the tutu skirts, the fabulous fur coats (which we hope were faux…) the amazing heels and so on… we think Carrie was ahead of her time style-wise and may just go through the entire 6 series of the show again just for style-stalking purposes.

Carrie Bradshaw SATC SJP Best Looks StyleChi Grey Jersey Sleeveless Bodycon Minidress Heels Satchel Handbag Aviator Sunglasses Carrie-Bradshaw-SATC-SJP-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Black-Lace-Trim-Cream-Strappy-DressCarrie-Bradshaw-SATC-SJP-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Navy-Pinstripe-Asymmetric-Suit-Short-HairCarrie-Bradshaw-Sex-And-The-City-Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Navy-Pinstriped-Asymmetric-SuitCarrie-Bradshaw-SATC-SJP-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Pleated-Blue-Purple-Minidress-Cream-T-Strap-Black-Toe-Cap-HeelsCarrie-Bradshaw-Sex-And-The-City-Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Best-Looks-StyleChiCarrie-Bradshaw-SATC-SJP-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Bandeau-Bikini-Sarong-Hat-Cross-Body-Bag-Samantha-Belly-Chain Carrie-Bradshaw-Sex-And-The-City-Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Best-Looks-StyleChi-20s-Cream-Gold-Tiered-Beaded-Mini-Dress-Aleksandr-Petrovsky Carrie-Bradshaw-Sex-And-The-City-Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Bermuda-Trousers-Pink-Mauve-Gradient-Multicoloured-Long-Sleeved-Top-Headkerchief Carrie-Bradshaw-Sex-And-The-City-Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Black-Coat-Grey-Yellow-Knitted-Dress-Purple-Scarf-Cream-Ankle-Boots Carrie-Bradshaw-Sex-And-The-City-Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Black-Coat-Paris-Polka-Dot-Red-Black-Skirt-White-Heels Carrie-Bradshaw-Sex-And-The-City-Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Black-Draped-Crop-Top-High-Waist-Striped-Pleated-Skirt Carrie-Bradshaw-Sex-And-The-City-Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Black-Floral-Maxi-Dress Carrie-Bradshaw-Sex-And-The-City-Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Black-J'adore-Dior-T-Shirt-Lilac-Skirt Carrie-Bradshaw-Sex-And-The-City-Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Black-Long-Sleeve-Crop-Top-Jersey-White-Red-Bodycon-Striped-Skirt-Pony-Tail Carrie-Bradshaw-Sex-And-The-City-Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Black-Pinstripe=Wide-Leg-Overall-Dungarees-White-Short-Sleeve-Shirt Carrie-Bradshaw-Sex-And-The-City-Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Black-Sequin-Dress Carrie-Bradshaw-Sex-And-The-City-Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Blue-Check-Short-Sleeve-Tied-Shirt-Skinny-Jeans-Studded-Heels Carrie-Bradshaw-Sex-And-The-City-Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Blue-Floral-Retro-Puff-Out-Dress-Black-Straps-Miranda Carrie-Bradshaw-Sex-And-The-City-Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Check-Capped-Sleeved-Red-Tied-Shirt Carrie-Bradshaw-Sex-And-The-City-Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Check-Tartan-Dress Carrie-Bradshaw-Sex-And-The-City-Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Coral-Hot-Pink-Puff-Out-Sleeveless-Dress-Silver-Barely-There-Heels-Russian-Aleksandr-Petrovsky Carrie-Bradshaw-Sex-And-The-City-Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Cream-Beige-Fur-Coat-Studded-Gloves-Brown-Croc-Bag-Clutch Carrie-Bradshaw-Sex-And-The-City-Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Cropped-Jacket-Top-Carrie-Bradshaw-Sex-And-The-City-Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Denim-Blazer-Cropped-Hareem-Style-Trousers-Nude-Peep-Toes-See-Through-UmbrellaCarrie-Bradshaw-Sex-And-The-City-Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Floral-Drop-Waist-Mini-Dress-Black-EspadrillesCarrie-Bradshaw-Sex-And-The-City-Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Cream-Beige-Long-Fur-Coat-Midi-Black-Floral-Dress-Brown-Heels-Beige-HandbagCarrie-Bradshaw-Sex-And-The-City-Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Floral-Multicolour-Coat-Lace-Overlay-Black-Dress-Pink-Ruffle-Heels Carrie-Bradshaw-Sex-And-The-City-Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Gold-Strapless-Split-Dress-Miranda Carrie-Bradshaw-Sex-And-The-City-Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Green-Floral-Dress-Coat-Dior-Gladiator-Heels-Studded-Belt Carrie-Bradshaw-Sex-And-The-City-Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Green-Tutu-Skirt-White-Bodice-Cream-Blazer-Brown-Bag Carrie-Bradshaw-Sex-And-The-City-Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Grey-Over-The-Knee-Socks-Heeled-Richelieu-Khaki-Long-Cardigan-GlovesCarrie-Bradshaw-Sex-And-The-City-Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Long-Retro-Green-White-Stripe-Shirt-Dress-Straw-Hat-White-GlovesCarrie-Bradshaw-Sex-And-The-City-Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Miranda-Turquoise-Strapless-Top-Charcoal-Fitted-Skirt-Visor-Red-Barely-There-Heels-Gold-ChainCarrie-Bradshaw-Sex-And-The-City-Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Navy-Nautical-Dress-Front-Knot-Gold-BraceletCarrie-Bradshaw-Sex-And-The-City-Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Oversize-White-Tank-Bermuda-Khaki-Cropped-Jeans-Head-Scarf-Visible-Black-BraSalmon-Pink-ToteCarrie-Bradshaw-Sex-And-The-City-Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Grey-Tunic-Top-Cream-Bermuda-TrousersCarrie-Bradshaw-Sex-And-The-City-Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Patterned-Coat-White-DressCarrie-Bradshaw-Sex-And-The-City-Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Slouch-Grey-Jersey-Top-Black-Jeans-Red-HeelsCarrie-Bradshaw-Sex-And-The-City-Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Best-Looks-StyleChi-White-Cardigan-Jeans-Lace-Top-Visible-BraCarrie-Bradshaw-Sex-And-The-City-Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Plum-Cropped-Hareem-Style-Trousers-Cropped-Black-Blazer-White-Top-Black-Tie Carrie-Bradshaw-Sex-And-The-City-Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Best-Looks-StyleChi-White-Coral-Floral-Frilly-Romantic-Dress Carrie-Bradshaw-Sex-And-The-City-Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Best-Looks-StyleChi-White-Dress-Gold-Embellishment-Giant-Flower-Black-Dior-Gladiator-Heels Carrie-Bradshaw-Sex-And-The-City-Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Best-Looks-StyleChi-White-Green-Lilac-Floral-Retro-Dress-Big Carrie-Bradshaw-Sex-And-The-City-Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Best-Looks-StyleChi-White-Wedding-SuitCarrie-Bradshaw-Sex-And-The-City-Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Best-Looks-StyleChi-White-Tutu-Skirt-Tank-Top Carrie-Bradshaw-Sex-And-The-City-Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Best-Looks-StyleChi-White-V-Neck-Sleeveless-DressCarrie-Bradshaw-Sex-And-The-City-Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Best-Looks-StyleChi-Yellow-Waistcoat-Brown-Belt-Green-Buttoned-Pleated-Skirt-Block-Heeled-Sandals

By the way, did anyone understand the whole Russian story line? We honestly never liked Aleksandr Petrovsky and will never understand why she followed him to Paris. Paris is beautiful, don’t get us wrong, but what was she thinking going with him??

And finally, who else would kill for Ms. Bradshaw’s walk-in closet??

On that note, how about you fill up your own closet by popping by on StyleChi? No need to wait for sales with us, you choose how much discount you get based on how much you Tweet, like and buy items!

PS: ‘I fell in Dior. I fell in DIOORR!’  – Ring any bells anyone? Ha.

The Brit Awards 2014 – Don’t Worry, We’re Not Here To Drop The Mic’, Just The Best Outfits Of The Night

Hello everyone,

We rarely forget to let you in on our fav’ outfits when it comes to award shows and today we’re making no exceptions.

Aside from some interesting acceptance speeches which definitely made the show worth watching – we speak of 1. the Arctic Monkeys, who we think may have instantly lost half their fan base and 2. Kate Moss for David Bowie purely because we weren’t sure the lady could actually speak! – last night’s Brit Awards also provoked quite a bit of fashion envy in our fashion lusting minds.

Birdy, Laura Whitmore, Pixie Lott and Rosie Huntington lead the style warpath and literally made our day. Pixie Lott’s white DKNY dress will probably have us day-dreaming till kingdom come – so simple, pure and perfectly cut – what more could you want. We also loved Lily Allen’s dress (we love a good sequin we do), but we just can’t jump on the yellow hair bandwagon Lilz. What d’you go and do that for??

Brit Awards 2014 Best Looks StyleChi Birdy Patterned Green Twosie Crop Top ShortsBrit Awards 2014 Best Looks StyleChi Aluna Francis Sheer Pink Shirt Bralette Hi Lo Skirt Silver Strappy HeelsBrit Awards 2014 Best Looks StyleChi Daisy Lowe Black DressBrit Awards 2014 Best Looks StyleChi Black Dress brit-awards-2014-best-looks-stylechi-ellie-goulding-bustier-pink-white-ruffle-gown-plaited-hair Brit Awards 2014 Best Looks StyleChi Iggy Azalea Red Sheer Panel Sleeveless DressBrit Awards 2014 Best Looks StyleChi Lily Allen Black Long Sleeve Sequin Dress Yellow End Hair Clutchbrit-awards-2014-best-looks-stylechi-myleene-klass-yellow-knitted-long-sleeve-midi-dressBrit Awards 2014 Best Looks StyleChi Neon JungleBrit Awards 2014 Best Looks StyleChi Nicole Scherzinger Black Dominatrix Top Suit Trouser Throw Over Shoulders Navy Blazer Gold Pointed HeelsBrit Awards 2014 Best Looks StyleChi Pharell Williams Helen Lasichanh Glitter Sequin SuitBrit Awards 2014 Best Looks StyleChi Pixie Lott DKNY White Split Dress Silver Pointed Toe HeelsBrit Awards 2014 Best Looks StyleChi Pixie Lott Hi Lo Mini Bustier Monochrome DressBrit Awards 2014 Best Looks StyleChi Red Zebra Sequin Mini Dress Bow Belt Pointed HeelsMusic Brit Awards 2014 Best Looks StyleChi Black Playsuit Pointed Heels White Blazer Thrown Over ShouldersBrit Awards 2014 Best Looks StyleChi Laura Whitmore Red Black Metallic Sheer Panel Dress Music Brit Awards 2014 Best Looks StyleChi Laura Whitmore Red Black Metallic Sheer Panel Dress

Just so you know, StyleChi is always here to satisfy your fashion cravings. Just saying. Ha.


StyleChi’s Favourite BAFTA 2014 Looks – And the Nominees are…

Hello hello,

We hope you’ve had a fabulous weekend guys!
As you probably know, the BAFTAs went down this weekend and we just had to post our favourite outfits.
We have to say we’re almost exclusively posting this thanks to Imogen Poots’s dress which absolutely wowed us. Our minds are blown, our hearts are now taken. Her dress was so unique and she looked so beautiful – she definitely won the BAFTA fashion awards for us. We also have to applaud Angelina Jolie for being so daring and showing up on the red carpet in a suit… and actually pulling it off with flying colours!
SO. Here are our favourite outfits of the night… Think we forgot any?

Imogen Poots Best Dressed BAFTA 2014 StyleChi Red Pleated High Neck dressImogen Poots Best Dressed BAFTA 2014 StyleChi Red Pleated High Neck dressImogen Poots Best Dressed BAFTA 2014 StyleChi Red Pleated High Neck dress Sally Hawkins Best Dressed BAFTA 2014 StyleChi White Long Sleeve Hi Lo Dress Lupita Nyong'O Best Dressed BAFTA 2014 StyleChi Green Strapless Bustier Dress Gold Belt Samantha Barks Best Dressed BAFTA 2014 StyleChi Cream Strapless Bustier Dress Best Dressed BAFTA 2014 StyleChi Black White Grey Tree Sleeveless DressUma Thurman Best Dressed BAFTA 2014 StyleChi Black Strapless Bustier Bodycon DressAmy Adams Best Dressed BAFTA 2014 StyleChi Black Sleeveless Shirt Top Victoria Beckham DressAngelina Jolie Best Dressed BAFTA 2014 StyleChi Black SuitAngelina Jolie Best Dressed BAFTA 2014 StyleChi Black Suit Brad PittOlga-Kurylenko-Bafta2014 StyleChi Best Dressed Best Dressed Emma Thompson BAFTA 2014 StyleChi Red Dress White Cruella Coat

We’re getting the urge to go dress shopping now…


We Want Zoe Saldana To Be Our Valentine. Or Perhaps Zoe Saldana’s Wardrobe. Hmmmmm.

Hello dearies,

How goes it? We hope you UK residents haven’t suffered too much from the awful weather…
We almost got blown away by the wind yesterday! Quite literally! We’re surprised we still have hair on our heads and that it didn’t fly off in the process actually.
Oh spring, where art thou?? Please, pretty please, hurry… we miss you…

So in the hopes of perking you (and ourselves) up, we are going to have a little stalk… and today’s fashion over-achiever is Zoe Saldana.
We find her so elegant, whether on the red carpet or in casual dress. Yes, she is tall and lanky with the most stunning feline like features, but her style has a lot to do with how poised she looks (we think anyway).

Zoe Saldana StyleChi Best Looks 2012 Denim Shirt Black Jeans Shoe Boots Sunglasses Handbag Street Style Zoe Saldana StyleChi Best Looks 2012 Red Carpet Gold Mid Sleeve Midi Sheer Panel Embellished Dress Zoe Saldana StyleChi Best Looks 2012 Street Style Black Belted Dress Strappy Sandals Sunglasses Zoe Saldana StyleChi Best Looks 2013 Jimmy Fallon Show Diane Von Furstenberg Red Black White Printed Long Sleeve Dress Pointed Heels Ankle Bracelet Zoe Saldana StyleChi Best Looks 2013 Old Pink Top White Shorts Turquoise Peep Toe Heels Zoe Saldana StyleChi Best Looks 2013 Red Carpet Long Sheer Panel Black Green Gown Zoe Saldana StyleChi Best Looks 2013 Star Trek Grey Patterned Suit Zoe Saldana StyleChi Best Looks 2013 Toile de Jouy Style White Pink Cut Out Dress Black Strappy Heels Zoe Saldana StyleChi Best Looks 2013 Vogue Black Loose Shirt Black Red Gold Patterned Skirt Pointed Heels Red Toe Cap Zoe Saldana StyleChi Best Looks Black Lace Top Peplum Dress Zoe Saldana StyleChi Best Looks Blue Green Boxy Textured Top Green Cropped Flared Trousers Zoe Saldana StyleChi Best Looks Blue Grey Crop Top High Waisted Puff Out Skirt Nude Laser Cut Out Heels Zoe Saldana StyleChi Best Looks Blue Jeans Grey Boots White Top Sunglasses Red Chain Bag Street Style Zoe Saldana StyleChi Best Looks Blue Playsuit Zoe Saldana StyleChi Best Looks Boho Chic Street Style Strapless Belted Split Floral Maxi Dress Hoop Earrings Brown Sandals Sunglasses Zoe Saldana StyleChi Best Looks Boyfriend Oversize Blue Shirt White Trim Dark Flared Jeans Burgundy Satchel Sunglasses Zoe Saldana StyleChi Best Looks Camel Beige Brown Masculine Coat Black Top Leather Trousers Zoe Saldana StyleChi Best Looks Cannes 2013 Monochrome Long Sleeve Top Polka Dot Wrap Skirt Orange Pointed Heels Zoe Saldana StyleChi Best Looks Cream Polka Dot Blouse Light Blue High Waist Flared Jeans Glasses Zoe Saldana StyleChi Best Looks Dark Ripped Denim Jeans Blue White Trim Shirt Beige Grey Suede Ankle Boots Zoe Saldana StyleChi Best Looks Graphic Pattern Pink Mini Dress Black Quilted Effect Jacker Nude Patent Heels Zoe Saldana StyleChi Best Looks Grey Floral Trousers Sheer Stripes Black Polo Neck Pointed Heels Zoe Saldana StyleChi Best Looks Independent Spirit Awards Lace Leopard Print Dolce And Gabbana Dress Orange Heels Zoe Saldana StyleChi Best Looks Independent Spirit Awards Red Carpet 3D Floral Embroidered Long Sleeve Mini Dress Nude Heels Zoe Saldana StyleChi Best Looks Khaki Cropped Shirt Playsuit Drawstring Waist Sunglasses Beige Strappy Heels Street Style Zoe Saldana StyleChi Best Looks Michael Kors Grey Split High Waisted Pencil Skirt Racer Back Tank Top Zoe Saldana StyleChi Best Looks Orange Short Sleeve V Neck Midi Dress Brown Strappy Sandals Clutch Zoe Saldana StyleChi Best Looks Red Carpet Black Long Sleeve Asymmetrical Textured Gown Zoe Saldana StyleChi Best Looks Red Carpet Black Long Sleeve Deep V Neck Plunge Sheer Panel Gown Zoe Saldana StyleChi Best Looks Red Carpet Black Long Sleeve Split Dress Floral Drop Waist Skirting Peep Toe Heels Zoe Saldana StyleChi Best Looks Red Carpet Floral Blue Grey Gown Zoe Saldana StyleChi Best Looks Red Carpet Graphic Print Blue Grey Charcoal Shorts Blazer Suit White V Neck T-Shirt Zoe Saldana StyleChi Best Looks Red Carpet Pink Fuchsia High Waisted Tulip Mini Skirt Gold Pink Patterned Long Sleeve Top Zoe Saldana StyleChi Best Looks Red Carpet White Cream Lace Ruffles Sleeveless Short Dress Brown Strappy Sandals Zoe Saldana StyleChi Best Looks Short White Sleeveless Dress Brown Strappy Platform Sandals zoe-saldana-stylechi-best-looks-sleeveless-sheer-panel-deep-blue-charcoal-black-puff-out-mini-dress-sunglasses-plait-red-shoe-boots Zoe Saldana StyleChi Best Looks Start Trek Grey Long Sleeve Cross Front Wrap Jersey Dress Peep Toe Heels Zoe Saldana StyleChi Best Looks Street Style 2011 Black Floaty Maxi Dress Glasses Sandals Zoe Saldana StyleChi Best Looks Street Style Beige Trench Coat Denim Shirt Black Skinny Jeans Boots Handbag Sunglasses Zoe Saldana StyleChi Best Looks Street Style Biker Jacket Black Jeans T-Shirt Sunglasses Zoe Saldana StyleChi Best Looks Street Style Glasses Denim Shorts Strappy Cross Front Black Heels Blue Polka Dot Shirt Tan Handbag Zoe Saldana StyleChi Best Looks Street Style Grey Linen Shirt Scarf Wrap Drawstring Skirt Sandals Sunglasses Zoe Saldana StyleChi Best Looks Street Style Nautical Stripes Navy Red Dress Sunglasses Hoop Earrings Brown Sandals Belt Bag Zoe Saldana StyleChi Best Looks Street Style Skinny Jeans Green Sleeveless Pocket T-Shirt Brown Bag Sunglasses Nude Heels Zoe Saldana StyleChi Best Looks White Pleated Backless Gown Burgundy Velvet Waist Zoe Saldana StyleChi Best Looks White Top Shorts Black Clutch Pointed Heels Zoe Saldana StyleChi Best Looks Yellow Green Graphic Jumper Black Skinny Jeans Boots Bag Street Style

Now we don’t know if you’ve heard but tomorrow is Valentine’s day… 

Depending on your current ‘marital status’, you’re either ecstatic, stressing about what to get your partner, don’t care or you’re planning on crying in your pillow all night.

For the ladies who plan on doing the latter, pull yourselves together. You don’t need a significant other to be happy.
All you need is friends and cocktails (or chocolate milk) as far as we’re concerned. And clothes. Lots of them. Which you can get for less on StyleChi.com.
Have we been watching too much Sex and The City?
Anyway, Valentine’s day is like any other day of the year and should be treated as such unless society has managed to convince you that you and the boyf – or girlf – need to do something special (in which case just to be clear, we’re not knocking it, we genuinely hope you have a super evening) – so no tears and depression ladies! Put the Bridget Jones DVD away!

Having said that, single or not, we think everyone should have a red velvet cupcake and a glass of bubbly on Valentine’s day. Just because they’re everywhere and are also in our top ten list of fav’ things in the world.


Circus Or Catwalk, Which Is It Rita? Today We Say Catwalk

Hello puddings,

We do hope you’re feeling absolutely terrific today.
Here at StyleChi, we definitely are, and for a silly reason really: the days are officially getting longer! It’s now almost daytime when we open our peepers in the morning – YESSSSSSSSSSS. Well, it’s not that silly a reason when you think about it since it’s a sign we’re getting ever closer to summer, OUR FAVOURITE SEASON OF THE YEAR.

Today’s style file is one we’ve been thinking of doing for a long time but always shied away from, consistently choosing a safer option. And here’s why.
First of all, we can’t say we like or even approve of all of Rita Ora’s outfits.
A lot of the time her dresses are so short we start wondering whether she is going to pull them down or whether we’re going to have to do it for her.
Other times, when we feel like she somehow landed in a clown’s bedroom and got dressed in the dark, an inside voice instantly starts to scream ‘NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY??’ (you know in the movies, when someone dies and the friend/relative standing by falls to their knees and screams with gut wrenching desperation – well that’s what our inside voice sounds like).
On the other hand, she dresses like no one else that we know, despite all the comparisons with Rihanna – Rita has definitely upped the ante in terms of cray cray fashion levels (Lady Gaga aside obviously, she wins the cray cray fashion award hands down) – and sometimes, the result is fashion gold.
Rita also fears not in the face of trends; she will try each and every one of them. We will bet you that if you check out our ss14 trend report, you will find that Rita has sported or will sport each and every one of them. We are also incredibly envious of her trainer collection – we love a good trainer-dress combo and Rita smashes that look.

Rita Ora 2013 StyleChi Round Retro Sunglasses Black Ribbed Cropped Polo Neck Low Rise Black Jeans Statement Gold Chain Rita Ora 2013 StyleChi The Angel Ball Gold Beaded Dress rita-ora-casual-outfit-white-crop-top-multicolour-fringed-mini-shorts-trainers-green-hoop-earrings Rita Ora Green Yellow Red Bomber Jacket Trainers Fishnet Top Black Leather Shorts Round Sunglasses rita-ora-mint-green-glittery-blazer-white-shirt-beige-patterned-trousers-gold-earrings Rita Ora Sleeveless Red Dress Textured Pattern Silver Chain Necklace Pointed Heels Short Hair Rita Ora StyleChi 90s Casual Street Summer Style Orange Reverse Cap Oversize Multicoloured T-Shirt Black Skinny Jeans Studded Trainers ROund Sunglasses Rita Ora StyleChi 2012 MOBO White Long Sleeve Peplum Dress Alexander McQueen Dress Rita Ora StyleChi 2012 MTV EMA High Neck Sheer Top 3D Floral Embellishment Satin Puff Out Red Dress rita-ora-stylechi-2012-new-yord-roberto-cavalli-blazer-skirt-multicoloured-black-t-shirt-red-cup-trainers Rita Ora StyleChi 2013 Brit Awards Diane Von Furstenberg White Knotted Seguin Glitter Dress Blazer Nude Pointed Heels Plait Rita Ora StyleChi 2013 Casual Street Style Black Outfit Turban Blazer Textured Jumper Leather Cropped Trousers Peep Toe Shoe Boots Red Bag Statement Cross  Necklace Rita Ora StyleChi 2013 Miami Round Retro Sunglasses Grey Crop Top Patterned Trousers Rita Ora StyleChi Army Jacket Red Black Animal Print PVC Dress Rita Ora StyleChi Banksy Oversized Black T-Shirt Silver  Tapered Cropped Trousers Statement Floral Necklace Earrings Rita Ora StyleChi Black Blazer Crop Top High Waist Trousers White Barely There SandalsRita Ora StyleChi Black Suit White Shirt Light Blue Nails Short Hair Rita Ora StyleChi Black Visor Crop Top Barely There Heels Silver Matching Collarless Jacket Wide Legged Cropped Trousers rita-ora-stylechi-calvin-harris-boyfriend-black-white-v-neck-long-sleeve-monochrome-dress-red-pointed-heels Rita Ora StyleChi Casual Airport Street Style Black Beanie Sunglasses Fur Hood Khaki Orange Parka Rita Ora StyleChi Casual Outfit Long Sleeve Bodycon Dress Green Leopard Print Purple Bull Heads Trainers Rita Ora StyleChi Casual Outfit The Hundres Black Beanie Oversized Grey Red Top Trainers Retro Sunglasses Rita Ora StyleChi Casual Outfit White T-Shirt Blue Denim Dungarees Overalls Animal Print Sunglasses Gold Statement Earrings Pink Dip Dye Hair Rita Ora StyleChi Casual Street 90s Style Long Bodycon Dress Fashion Trainers Gold Spike Chokers Orange Lens Aviator Sunglasses Rita Ora StyleChi Casual Street Airport Style Black Biker Jacket Leather Skinny Trousers WHite T-Shirt Aviator Sunglasses Rita Ora StyleChi Casual Street Airport Style Navy Grey Hoodie Sunglasses Grey Keggings Trainers Light Pink BagRita Ora StyleChi Casual Street Style Oversize Baseball Black White Top Ripped Boyfriend Jeans Orange Beanie Mint Green Flip Flops Rita Ora StyleChi Casual Style Reverse Cap Purple Metallic Trench Coat Lilac Jeans White Loafers Retro Sunglasses Rita Ora StyleChi Casual White Patterned Bodycon Midi Dress Trainer Rita Ora StyleChi Chic Outfit Tartan Wide Legged Trousers Red Patent Pointed Heels White Cotton Shirt Rita Ora StyleChi Concert Black Branded Beanie Crop Top Army Pants Playsuit Retro Sunglasses Rita Ora StyleChi Concert Rainbow White Brick Long Sleeve Bodycon Midi DressRita Ora StyleChi DKNY Catwalk Monochrome Look Boxy Cop Top Skater SkirtRita Ora StyleChi Cropped Cream Shirt Black Sheer Pleated Maxi Skirt Red Quilted Chain Bag Sunglasses Gold Chain Accessories rita-ora-stylechi-gold-glittery-structured-long-sleeved-dress-white-trim-barely-there-black-heels Rita Ora StyleChi Jourdan Dunn Mid Sleeve Boxy Crop Top Long High Waist Skirt Beige Copper Satin Ensemble Rita Ora StyleChi Kelly Brooke Long Black Boyfriend Blazer Satin Collar Thick Leather Chocker Necklace White T-Shirt Faded Black Jeans Short Punk Hair Rita Ora StyleChi Knotted Denim Shirt High Waist Red Leather Skirt Chanel Bag rita-ora-stylechi-london-roberto-cavalli-monochrome-suit-black-white-pattern-black-satin-shirt Rita Ora StyleChi Matching Jumper SKirt Black White Beige Grapgic Print Peep Toe Heels Rita Ora StyleChi Navy Blue Suit White Cara Delevingne T-Shirt Gold Statement Necklace Rita Ora StyleChi Old Hollywood Red Carpet Style White Backless Halterneck Gown Rita Ora StyleChi Party Outfit Black Biker Jacket Leather Skinny Trousers Suede Pointed Heels Hat White Slogan Crop Top Rita Ora StyleChi Pink Chanel Loose Sleeveless Top High Waist Midi Skirt Blue Satin Wedges rita-ora-stylechi-pink-leather-biker-jacket-white-crop-top-high-waisted-pencil-skirt-statement-chain-necklace Rita Ora StyleChi Red Carpet Black Yellow Long Sleeve Patterned Cut Out DressRita Ora StyleChi Red Carpet MTV VMAs Alexander Vauthier Sequin Deep Plunge Neckline Top Split Feather Train DressRita Ora StyleChi Red Carpet Elle Women In Music Black White Hi Lo Long SLeeve Dress Statement Hat Rita Ora StyleChi Red Carpet Style Brit Awards 2012 White Dress Rita Ora StyleChi Red Carpet Style High Halter Neck Backless Split Black Sequin Dress Gold Neck Rita Ora StyleChi Red Suit Tapered Trousers Grey Crop Top Trainers Round Sunglasses Rita Ora StyleChi Red Tartan Plaid Suit Gold Crown Overlay Pattern Bowtie Rita Ora StyleChi Retro Casual Street Airport Style Denim Jacket Aztec Insert Boyfriend Acid Wash Jeans Black Vans Neon Yellow Beanie Round Sunglasses Rita Ora StyleChi Retro Sunglasses Casual Outfit Black Cropped Blazer Loose T-Shirt Leather Skinny Trousers Choker Necklace Chanel White Bag Rita Ora StyleChi Reverse Blue Cap Green Crop Top Silver High Waist Pencil Skirt Pointed Heels Light Yellow Chanel Chain Bag rita-ora-stylechi-roberto-cavalli-suit-orange-white-black-patterned-ensemble-red-shoe-boots Rita Ora StyleChi Ruffle White Silver Dress Updo Rita Ora StyleChi Strappy Bodycon Patterned Dress Adidas Orginal Trainers Round Retro Sunglasses Rita Ora StyleChi Street Style Blue Suit Ensemble Leopard Print Heels Rita Ora StyleChi Street Style Cara Delevingne Coral Long Sleeved Crop Top Matching Coat Trousers Beige Black Herringbone Pattern Rita Ora StyleChi Street Style Leopard Print Cape Coat Red Bag Black Over The Knee Boots Rita Ora StyleChi Street Style White Patterned Boyfriend T-Shirt Orange Chain Bag White Floral Skirt Red Pointed Heels Petrol Lens Aviator Sunglasses Rita Ora StyleChi White Grey Black Short Suit Deep V-Neck Retro Sunglases Oversize Clutch Rita Ora StyleChi White Long Sleeve Lace Gown Hair Dark Red LipsRita-Ora-StyleChi -Vionnet-Resort-2014-Yellow-Sheer-Dress Rita-Ora-StyleChi-Trapstar-bobble-beanie-hat-Trapstar-London-black-and-red-dream-team-t-shirt-Christian-Louboutin-Intern-Flat-red-velvet-crest-spike-loafers-leaving-Cirque-Du-Soir-nightclub-Casual-Outfit

Hmmm the more we do these style files, the more we think we need to get our hands on one of those quilted Chanel chain bags… OR perhaps we shall buy a non Chanel version of said bag on StyleChi.com and save ourselves a whole lot of cash – sorry Karl, Chanel is a tad overrated and we can get up to -50% on all brands on the StyleChi website. Ha.

Big love y’all


Sienna Miller Shows Us Why Boho Chic Is Always In

Good morning everyone!

Ready to attack the day? Feeling bright and bushy tailed? No? That’s okay! Take a quick break with StyleChi and get your fashion fix for the day.
Our VERY stylish celeb’ of the week is Sienna Miller. We would say that Ms. Miller is to a certain extent style sisters with Nicole Richie and Vanessa Hudgens. Why? Simply because she always rocks effortless boho-chic to perfection – and man are we envious! It’s not that easy to find a retro top or dress and have the vision to see how cool it could look if teamed with boho accessories, a waistcoat and some suede boots.

We know boho chic is not one of ss2014’s main trends, but we feel that it is a timeless trend (and hence is ALWAYS relevant). And maybe we’re just being a tiny bit selfish. To be fair, we think you will thoroughly enjoy this style file (we obviously would not be posting it otherwise).
Sienna Miller Casual StyleChi Sunglasses Oxblood Bag Navy Military Style Kacket Skinny Jeans Grey Fur Lined Ankle Boots Walking Dog EXCLUSIVE: Sienna Miller Shopping In London (USA AND OZ ONLY) Sienna Miller StyleChi Aqua Blue Green Embellished Backless Long Sleeve Gown Sienna Miller StyleChi Black Heart Neckline Wide Strap Bodycon Below The Knee Dress Pointed Heels Satchel Bag Sienna Miller StyleChi Black Lace Crop Top Layered Over Blue Crop Top Blue Black Leopard Print Trousers Transparent Heel Grey Bag Sienna Miller StyleChi Black Red Pink Floral Long Sleeved Drop Waist Mini Dress Bronze Brown Croc Flat BootsSienna Miller StyleChi Blue Sweater Teal Petrol Green Fur Stole Gold Satin Yellow Clutch Black Skinny Jeans Patent Pointed Brogue Style HeelsSienna Miller StyleChi British Fashion Awards 2013 Emerald Green This Strap Satin Split DressSienna Miller StyleChi Brown Hooded Long Fur Coat Orange Knit Black Denim Beige Suede Ankle Boots Hailing CabSienna Miller StyleChi Black Strapless Skinny Playsuit Pointed Heels Short HairSienna Miller StyleChi Brown Felt Hat Blue Floral Tunic Top Red Blue Floral Cropped Jacket Skinny Jeans Beige Suede Boots Jude Law Sienna Miller StyleChi Casual Black Jacket Top Skinny Jeans T Bar Sandals Beige Shoulder Bag Sunglasses Sienna Miller StyleChi Casual Floral Drop Waist Thin Strap Dress Brown Suede Ankle Boots Cross Body Bag Sienna Miller StyleChi Casual Fuzzy Grey Jacket White Knit Black Skinny Jeans Black Suede Ankle Boots Walking Dog Sienna Miller StyleChi Casual Keira Knightley Black Fringer Stole Grey Drop Waist Belted Mini Dress Black Boots Bag Gold Hoop Earrings Sienna Miller StyleChi Casual Navy Blue Cardigan Gold Buttons Blue Acid Wash Jeans Black Boots Grey Scarf Oxblood Bag Walking Dog Sienna Miller StyleChi Casual Pregnant Tom Sturridge Sunglasses Straw Hat Marl Red Sweater Black Leggings Beige Suede Heeled Boots Sienna Miller StyleChi Casual Red Pink Scarf Leopard Fur Coat Black Skinny Jeans Bag Boots sienna-miller-stylechi-casual-short-beige-grey-military-coat-acid-wash-skinny-jeans-beige-contrast-brown-strappy-suede-boots Sienna Miller StyleChi Casual Style Denim Shift Dress Red Textile Shoulder Bag Beige Suede Ankle Boots sienna-miller-stylechi-casual-suede-tan-hat-denim-waistcoat-white-colour-block-long-sleeve-top-mini-shorts-beige-contrast-strap-boots Isle of White Festival sienna-miller-stylechi-casual-sunglasses-beige-beanie-hat-black-jacket-grey-skinny-jeans-red-studded-buckled-ankle-boots Sienna Miller StyleChi Casual Tom Sturridge Long Collarless Brown Fur Coat Black Textured Bag Suede Boots Denim Skinny Jeans Round Retro Sunglasses sienna-miller-stylechi-coachella-festival-style-blue-wayfarer-style-glasses-black-shoulder-bag-white-blue-red-fringe-belted-dress-brown-suede-boots-boho Sienna Miller StyleChi Coral Salmon Pink Strapless Midi Length Dress Sienna Miller StyleChi Cream Fur JAcket Denim Shirt Blue Top Navy Skinny Jeans Brown Ankle Boots Sienna Miller StyleChi Cropped Green Fur Coat Textured Pencil Skirt Black Pink Lace Floral Dress Leopard Coat Outfits Sienna Miller StyleChi Denim Shirt Cream Fur Jacket Navy Skinny Jeans Brown Suede Ankle Boots Sienna Miller StyleChi Festival Style Poppy Delevingne Green Heavy Knitted Sweater Cap Sunglasses Grey Skinny Jeans Black Studded Biker Boots Red Fringe Poncho Sienna Miller StyleChi Floral Black Green White Three Quarter Sleeve Playsuit Sunglasses Sandals Pushing Pram Sienna Miller StyleChi Fringe Red Lip Burberry Trench Coat Brown Black Heart Pattern Bag Black Boots Sienna Miller StyleChi Grey Crop Top Suede Nude High Waist Shorts Cream Buckled Peep Toe Wedges Statement Earrings Sienna Miller StyleChi Grey Skinny Jeans Loose T-Shirt Cream Cardigan Beige Suede Boots Brown Straps Aviator Sunglasses Black Knee High Boots Leggings Grey Hat Long Blazer Scarf Sienna Miller StyleChi Light Blue Denim Skinny Jeans Brown Used Effect Lace Up Boots Coral Navy Striped T-Shirt Purple Pink Jacket Fur Trim Navy Hat Sienna Miller StyleChi Light Blue Long Sleeve Over The Knee Lace Glitzy Dress See Through Clutch Studed Heels Red Carpet Sienna Miller StyleChi Light Pink Puff Mid Sleeves Patterned Cinched Waist Dress Cream Mint Green Satchell Beige Suede Boots Sienna Miller StyleChi Met Ball Gala 2013 Cara Delevingne Studded Headband Black Studded Biker Jacket White Deep V-Neck Gown Sienna Miller StyleChi Metallic Cross Front Draped Belted Dress Cut Out Peep Toe Boots Oxblood Bag Sienna Miller StyleChi Navy Cardigan White Shirt  Navy Patterned Pyjama Style Bottoms Red Ballerina Flats Retro Sunglasses Sienna Miller StyleChi Pink Collarless Coat Lace Dress Black Heels Pregnant On Set sienna-miller-stylechi-pink-playsuit-cream-cross-front-heels-white-blazer sienna-miller-stylechi-pregnant-casual-grey-drop-waist-dress-black-blazer-metallic-peep-toe-ankle-boots-oxblood-bag Sienna Miller StyleChi Red Carpet Long Multi Chain Necklace Thin Strap Grey Pink Red White Floral Long Drop Waist Dress Sienna Miller StyleChi Red Carpet Navy Deep V-Neck Hi Lo Ruffle Lace Detail Dress Jude Law Sienna Miller StyleChi Ruffle Floral Dress Black Biker Jacket Brown Suede Boots Sienna Miller StyleChi Scallop Trim Cream Shorts Black Derby Shoes Knot Tie Jacket White SHirt Sunglasses Sienna Miller StyleChi Sunglasses Casual Textured Fuzzy Black Jacket Striped White Top Blue Denim Skinny Jeans Beige Suede Heeled Boots Studded Bag Sienna Miller StyleChi Taupe Fur Jacket Grey Scarf Skinny Jeans Black Boots Sienna Miller StyleChi White Fur Jacket Grey Shorts Black Boots Bag Sienna Miller StyleChi White Fur Jacket Patterned Dress Grey Suede Ankle Boots Black Bag Sienna Miller StyleChi White Gold Drape Neck Embellished Gown Golden Globe Awards Sienna Miller StyleChi White Knit Salmon Pink Trousers Cream Cross Front Heels Retro Sunglasses Sienna Miller StyleChi White Knitted Cardigan Striped Navy Cream Red Top Denim Skinny Jeans Beige Bag Round Retro Sunglasses Beige Suede Boots With Brown Contrast Straps Sienna Miller StyleChi White Sleeveless Top Black Textured Cropped Trousers Silver Pointed Heels Sienna Miller StyleChi White Straw Hat Black Ribbon Loose Grey Tank Top Beige Crochet Waistcoat Cut Off Denim Shorts Browns Lace Up Boots Red Shoulder Bag Festival Style
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We Did Our Homework – This Is THE 2014 SS Trend Report

Hello lovelies,

All new SS14 trends are officially out so we did our homework and decided to give you a little exposé of all the stand out trends this season. Now, grab a cuppa and enjoy (there’s something for everyone in here and it only really takes one statement piece to update your look so breathe before you start panicking about not being able to get all of them!).

Collarless coats

Collarless Coats Trend SS14 StyleChiBomber jackets (especially floral/colourful ones)
Floral Bomber JacketCrop tops (especially boxy shift tops)

Kylie Jenner Boxy Crop Top SS14 Trends StyleChiShirts with contrasting collars + reinvented shirt dresses
3_1 1_1 hbz-street-style-trend-shirts-004-lg
A set composed of a crop top and a high-waisted skirt in the same pattern

beyonce-Topshop-Varigated-Long-Sleeve-Crop-Top-stripe-tube-skirt 897-Cara-Delevigne-New-York-Fashion-Week-Spring-2013-Street-Style-Intro 4d1407b48e4dfd6d_zoe.xxxlarge_1

hbz-street-style-trend-culottes-001-lgWide legged trousers
hbz-street-style-trend-crop-top-002-lgBermuda shorts
5_16_1Sporty suit trousers (usually with a stripe down the sides)
bright-leopard-print-trend-sports-luxe-kenzo-print-710x920 nALANAHWETHEPEOPLEAUSTRALIANSTREETSTYLESPORTSEXYCHICSQUARESUNGLASSESBANDEAUPEEKABOOLOWDIPTANKTOPSIDESTRIPEWHITESASSANDBIDEPANTSNEONSEQUINSNU elle-dkny-spring-2014-rtw-033-de-EDNDZ5-xlnMid calf skirts & pleated skirts (usually high waisted)
hbz-street-style-trend-midi-skirt-006-lg hbz-street-style-trend-crop-top-001-lg 5_0
Contrast heel shoes

hbz-street-style-trend-crop-top-006-lgMasculine styles such as brogues with a feminine touch (metallic detail or block heel)
hbz-street-style-trend-brogues-001-lg hbz-street-style-trend-brogues-003-lgChunky platforms
Pastels in general, but particularly blush and icy pinks
hbz-street-style-trend-pink-006-lg hbz-street-style-trend-pink-005-lgPop art patterns
hbz-street-style-trend-plaid-003-lg3D flowers
3D Floral Trend SS 2014 StyleChiMetallics

It’s now time to decide which ones YOU need – can’t get them all ladies come on… I mean technically you could, but one, they may not all suit you, and two, your bank account will suffer A LOT – that said, it’s a good thing StyleChi is there to help you out and make sure you can get all the ones you reaaally want (you can get all the latest trends for less by just tweeting/liking/sharing your fav’ items on the website! Come check us out to find out all the ways you can drive prices down!).

Much love from the StyleChi team!