The Sky’s The Limit

It looks like Sky Ferreira is on the verge of becoming America’s next new IT girl (and perhaps the world’s new IT girl too, who knows) so we reckon you will be seeing a lot more of her, which isn’t such a bad thing really because she gives us excellent style inspiration on a regular basis.

We also admire her for daring the dirty blonde look which we think really suits her but which – let’s face it –  is always a bit risky  (hard to pull off without some good make up and styling for us mere mortals… one quickly resembles a homeless person otherwise quite frankly).

Sky usually likes to pair vintage clothing with chunky footwear and bright red lips. She loves a biker boot with a lace dress, knee highs and oversized jackets. She’s another one of those who knows how to blend vintage and contemporary.

We do suspect that now that she’s getting older, her look is about to get a lot sleeker. We can already see that from her latest appearances at public events and with herchange in hair style (from untamed dirty blonde with visible roots to straight bleach blonde to jet black… which makes her look just as striking if not more!). But it’s only a sneaking suspicion.

Sky-Ferreira-StyleChi-Style-Best-Outfits-Blonde-2013-Black-Sheer-Layers-Dress-Over-The-Knee-Boots Sky-Ferreira-StyleChi-Style-Best-Outfits-Blonde-2013-Yellow-Heart-Smiley-Top-Lace-Trim-Black-Shorts Sky-Ferreira-StyleChi-Style-Best-Outfits-Blonde-Animal-Print-Short-Suit-Platform-Heels Saint Laurent - Front Row -  PFW F/W 2013 Sky-Ferreira-StyleChi-Style-Best-Outfits-Blonde-Black-Crop-Top-Denim-Skirt-Socks-Boots-Straw-Hat Sky-Ferreira-StyleChi-Style-Best-Outfits-Blonde-Black-Crop-Top-Tartan-Plaid-Skirt-Boots Sky-Ferreira-StyleChi-Style-Best-Outfits-Blonde-Black-Floral-Dress-Boots Sky-Ferreira-StyleChi-Style-Best-Outfits-Blonde-Black-Jeans-Top-Boots-Checked-Jacket Sky-Ferreira-StyleChi-Style-Best-Outfits-Blonde-Black-Leather-Jacket-Dress Givenchy - Front Row - PFW F/W 2013 DONATELLA VERSACE Presents the New VERSUS VERSACE Sky-Ferreira-StyleChi-Style-Best-Outfits-Blonde-Black-Scoop-Top-Pleated-Mini-Skirt-Boots-Sunglasses MAC Carine Roitfeld Le Bal - Arrivals Sky-Ferreira-StyleChi-Style-Best-Outfits-Blonde-Blue-Fur-Coat-White-Stripe-Mint-Green-Dress Sky-Ferreira-StyleChi-Style-Best-Outfits-Blonde-Boyfriend-Checked-Shirt-Megadeth-T-Shirt-Boots-Yellow-Cap Sky-Ferreira-StyleChi-Style-Best-Outfits-Blonde-Checked-Open-Shirt Sky-Ferreira-StyleChi-Style-Best-Outfits-Blonde-Cream-Lace-Crochet-Dress-Cap-Boots Sky-Ferreira-StyleChi-Style-Best-Outfits-Blonde-Cream-Lace-Dress-Boots Sky-Ferreira-StyleChi-Style-Best-Outfits-Blonde-Fashion-Show-White-Dress-Sheer-Layers-Barely-There-Heels-Ethereal Sky-Ferreira-StyleChi-Style-Best-Outfits-Blonde-Floral-Patterned-Shirt-Dress-Barely-There-Heels Sky-Ferreira-StyleChi-Style-Best-Outfits-Blonde-Floral-Tied-Blue-Daisy-Short-Sleeve-Shirt-Denim-Jacket-Boots An NME Awards After Party In Wyld at W London Leicester Square In Association With CIROC Sky-Ferreira-StyleChi-Style-Best-Outfits-Blonde-Light-Denim-Jacket-White-Sheer-Shirt-Dark-Denim-Shorts-Boots Sky Ferreira THE FRAGRANCE FOUNDATION 2013 AWARDS - INSIDE Sky-Ferreira-StyleChi-Style-Best-Outfits-Blonde-Purple-Blue-Shirt-Black-Jeans-Shoe-Boots Sky-Ferreira-StyleChi-Style-Best-Outfits-Blonde-Red-Purple-Star-Shirt-Black-Skirt "PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala Sky-Ferreira-StyleChi-Style-Best-Outfits-Blonde-Striped-Turtle-Neck-High-Waist-Skirt-Boots-Hat Sky-Ferreira-StyleChi-Style-Best-Outfits-Blonde-Tartan-Plaid-Top-Sheer-Overlay-Top Sky-Ferreira-StyleChi-Style-Best-Outfits-Blonde-Teal-Blouse-Black-Leather-Jacket-Skirt-Boots Sky-Ferreira-StyleChi-Style-Best-Outfits-Blonde-White-Mini-Dress Givenchy: Front Row - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring / Summer 2013 Sky-Ferreira-StyleChi-Style-Best-Outfits-Blonde-White-Shirt-Plaid-Tartan-Skirt-Brogues Sky-Ferreira-StyleChi-Style-Best-Outfits-Blonde-White-T-Shirt-Black-Skirt-Boots Sky-Ferreira-StyleChi-Style-Best-Outfits-Blonde-Yellow-Open-Shirt-White-Lace-Top-Pleated-Navy-Skirt-Brogues-Braided-HairSky-Ferreira-StyleChi-Style-Best-Outfits-Brunette-Red-Gown

We must say, we adore her style, love her voice, like her music but we would appreciate a bit less pouting. Please.

Pouting aside, you know that here at StyleChi, we are your best shopping buddies; we let you build your own discount by sharing and Tweeting your favourite items in the shop. Easy.

Feeling inspired by Sky? Come have a peek at what we have in store for you.


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