Why Not Try some Meester-Waldorf Style Magic This Year

Hello everyone and Happy New Year from the StyleChi team!!

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that you celebrated NYE in style. We know January is a tough time (yes, we can see your sad little faces from here); the weather is terrible, it’s back to work/school for everyone and most of us are broke from spoiling all our friends and family.

tumblr_mevqd6iPKn1ro2d43 But you know what, we’re firm believers in seeing silver linings in every situation. It’s a new year, full of opportunities, perfect for a clean slate and making new resolutions. So my darlings, perhaps it’s time for a little introspection to see how we can all improve our lives and ourselves. And we don’t just mean your typical getting a year-long gym membership (and then only going during the first two weeks), or eating more greens, we mean proper thought out resolutions which will make you grow and/or make you happy and/or take you out of your comfort zone and/or shake things up. Let’s think outside the box here people! You could learn a new language, take up a dance class, prepare a trip to Nepal, do some charity work, start collecting stamps, paint your walls turquoise, start growing your own vegetables, get a Mohawk and dye your hair pink, train to run a marathon… the possibilities are endless! tumblr_meuc3lHkTd1qaqsz7 We just think everyone should think long and hard and seize this opportunity to do something different and fulfilling (you can do that pretty much any time of year of course, but there is something motivating about entering a new year and hence a new era of our lives which makes us more inclined towards change). One of our less drastic resolutions this year is to dress a bit more like Blair Waldorf/ Leighton Meester (our last style file was about Serena Van Der Woodsen/ Blake Lively so we thought we’d complete the Gossip Girl stars’ style files in one go). Leighton and her alter ego Blair put together are a true style powerhouse and we fully intend to take some of their looks and make them our own. Check them out!

Blair Waldorf Leighton Meester StyleChi Mini Taupe Cape Beige Retro Dress Lace Pattern Tights Ballerina ShoesBlair Waldorf Leighton Meester StyleChi Green Cape Yellow Bag Hat Mustard Blouse Burgundy Patent Heeled Mary JanesBlair Waldorf Leighton Meester Season 4 StyleChi Floral Belted Shirt Dress Peep Toes Grey Handbag Blair Waldorf Leighton Meester StyleChi White Outfit Pleated Floral SkirtBlair Waldorf Leighton Meester StyleChi Navy Schoolgirl Skirt Knee High Socks Bow White Shirt Slipper Shoes Yellow HeadbandLeighton Meester 2010 StyleChi Masculine Androgynous Outfit Suit Cropped Trousers White Shirt Tie Heels Leighton Meester Black Knitted Cropped Sweater Graphic Skinny Blue Purple Trousers Lace Up Heeled Boots Chain Bag Leighton Meester Blair Waldorf StyleChi Blue Long Sleeved Dress Red Belt Gold Heels Clutch Leighton Meester Blair Waldorf StyleChi Green Khaki Scallop Edge Shorts White Blouse Peep Toe Heels Updo Leighton Meester Blair Waldorf StyleChi Green Tweed Suit Pencil Skirt Blazer Blue Headband Pointed Heels Leighton Meester Blair Waldorf StyleChi Leopard Gucci Dress Leighton Meester Blair Waldorf StyleChi White Scallop Edge English Broderie Cynched Waist Long Sleeve Seventies Style Dress Leighton Meester StyleChi 2010 Blue Frilly Glittery Dress Suede Cut Out Heels Leighton Meester StyleChi 2010 Suit Outfit Shorts Black Strappy Heels Blonde Hair Leighton Meester StyleChi Black Cut Out Dress Leather Top Waist Leighton Meester StyleChi Black Green Scallop Edge Cut Out Ruffled Dress Cross Front Shoes Leighton Meester StyleChi Red Carpet Black Cut Out Sheer Panel Dress UpdoLeighton Meester StyleChi Black Mini Sheer Panel Cut Out Dress Red Carpet Updo Leighton Meester StyleChi Black Strapless JumpsuitLeighton Meester StyleChi Blue Grey V-Neck Sleeveless Top Skinny Jeans Hat Brown Heeled Sandals Casual Leighton Meester StyleChi Brown Soft Dress Navy Blazer Peep Toe Heels Leighton Meester StyleChi Colour Block Sleeveless Dress Cream Black Red Nude Suede HeelsLeighton Meester StyleChi Cream Beige Long Sleeved Split Gown Leighton Meester StyleChi Cream Bustier Dress Strappy HeelsLeighton Meester StyleChi Grey Cardigan Light Pink Khaki Polka Dot Mini Dress Khaki Strappy Heels Socks Orange BeltLeighton Meester StyleChi Frint Row Fashion Show Fuchsia Dress Halter Neck Black HeelsLeighton Meester StyleChi Green V-Neck Patterned Dress Yellow Suede Platform Cut Out HeelsLeighton Meester StyleChi Cream White Patterned Long Sleeved Mini Dress Peep Toe Heels Clutch BagLeighton Meester StyleChi Grey Panel Dress DecolletageLeighton Meester StyleChi Half Sleeve White Blue Patterned Bodycon DressLeighton Meester StyleChi Green Khaki Cargo Skinny Jeans Blue V-Neck Pocket Casual T-Shirt Flip Flops Red LipLeighton Meester StyleChi Khaki Green Cargo Skinny Jeans Sunglasses Cream Top Heeled SandalsLeighton Meester StyleChi One Shoulder Strap Black White Star Pattern Bustier Style Mini DressLeighton Meester StyleChi Patterned Multicolour Dress Black Peep Toe BootsLeighton Meester StyleChi Red Carpet Strapless Black Midi Length Dress Ponytail UpdoLeighton Meester StyleChi White Shirt Black Zip Leather Trousers Strappy Sandals Yellow HandbagLeighton Meester StyleChi Reebok Presentation Black Leather Jacket Cream Dress High TopsLeighton Meester StyleChi Short Sleeved Blue Gray Mini Zip Up DressLeighton Meester StyleChi Simple Green Dress High V-Neck Black Clutch Heels Short Hair Red LipsLeighton Meester StyleChi White Green Black Fringe Back Dress Black Buckled Cut Out BootsLeighton Meester StyleChi White Outfit Long Sleeve Sweater Skirt Socks Black BootsLeighton Meester StyleChi White Playsuit Sunglasses Black Cream Espadrille WedgesLeighton Meester StyleChi Sleeved Dress Cream Bag Lace Up SandalsLeighton Meester Blair Waldorf StyleChi Floral Ruffle Floaty Embellished DressLeighton Meester Blair Waldorf StyleChi Long Shiny Coat Metallic Gold Dress Brown Chanel BagLeighton Meester StyleChi Black White Shorts Blue Cut Out VContrast Top Long Chain Necklace BlazerLeighton Meester StyleChi Blue Fur Collar Orange Dress Velvet Black HeelsLeighton Meester StyleChi Checked Tartan Black White Playsuit Blazer Strappy Buckled Wedges Sunglasses Red Cross Body BagLeighton Meester StyleChi Grey Long Sleeve Crop Top Black Patterned Skirt Platform BootsLeighton Meester StyleChi Light Pink Pleated Top Strappy Heels Black Leather TrousersLeighton Meester StyleChi Loose Fitting Grey Top Blue Shorts Blue Fringed MocassinsLeighton Meester StyleChi Copper Bronze Cut Out Cross Front DressLeighton Meester StyleChi Loose Navy V-Neck Sweater White Shorts Blacky Strappy Buckled WedgesLeighton Meester StyleChi Red White Ruffled Detail Dress Coral HeelsLeighton Meester StyleChi Sunglasses Green Long Sleeved Top Ripped Denim Shorts Brown Lace Up BootsLeighton Meester StyleChi Two Tone Colour Block Beige Cream DressLeighton Meester StyleChi White Embellished Drop Waist Dress Plunging V-Neck Gold ShoesLeighton Meester StyleChi White Ruffle Dress Black Heels

We can’t decide whether we prefer Blair’s or Leighton’s style… what do you think? Want to shake up your style? Come visit us on StyleChi.com and get everything for less. All you need to do is Tweet, like and share your favourite items to watch prices drop!


3 thoughts on “Why Not Try some Meester-Waldorf Style Magic This Year

  1. I absolutely love Leighton’s style as Blair Waldorf in GG but I have to say when it comes to personal style she disappointed me badly BUT I’m in love with Blake Lively’s personal style ❤ Definitely chose her !

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