This Is Almost A Christmas Gift: We Give You Cara Delevingne’s Style File

Hello and good morning from the entire Style Chi team my dears!

As it’s almost Christmas, here at StyleChi we have decided to give you one of the coolest style files around this week: Cara Delevingne’s.

Cara has been 2012 and 2013’s It girl on a global scale; she has taken the world by storm in no time at all and is the most in-demand super model around. Given that she is only 21, and thus young and impressionable, one could expect her to take herself very seriously… but from what we’ve seen she seems like a total goof; we’re always so (pleasantly) surprised at how carefree and normal she seems.

We’re talking from this:
To this:

The interesting thing for us fashion addicts here is: It shows through her style. Cara does not look perfect 100% of the time (which is normal!) and dresses however she likes.
Her style file will help out those of us who wished they looked more street, looked like they were living that thug/ rock’n’roll life, and well those of us who just generally wished they looked cooler. We think it’s also the tomboy element to her style which makes it so unique and effortless, so keep an eye out for it.

Cara Delevingne Style Chi Red Beanie Hat Black Gold Nike High Tops Light Blue Denim Fold Up Shorts White Tank Top Back Pack Round Sunglasses Cara Delevingne StyleChi Army Green Coat Fur Lining Hood Part Leather Black trousers Strappy Biker Boots White Pocket Striped T-Shirt Hair Pulled Back No Make Up Effect Cara Delevingne StyleChi Bart Simpson Long Sleeve Cropped Top High Waist Mini Lace Up Wedges Red Beanie Hat Cara Delevingne StyleChi Black Beanie Leather Look Skinny Jeans High Top Trainers Zebra Tote Bag Marl Grey Coat Losange Sunglasses Cara Delevingne StyleChi Black Bodycon Strapless Dress Lace Up Heeled Boots Cara Delevingne StyleChi Black Leather Jacket Blue Leggings Camo T-Shirt Reverse Cap Petrol Sunglasses Cara Delevingne StyleChi Black Navy Varsity Jacket Leather Sleeves Light Blue Denim Shorts Lace Up Wedge Hiking Boots Neon Pink Lip Cara Delevingne StyleChi Black Part Leather Trousers Shiny Blue Peplum Top Striped Jacket Lace Up Shoes Cara Delevingne StyleChi Black Skinny Jeans Blue Orange Varsity Jacket Blue White Striped T-Shirt Hat Lace Up Wedge Trainers Cara Delevingne StyleChi Black Suit jumpsuit Belt Dark Lip Cara Delevingne StyleChi Black Trousers Red Heels Print T-Shirt Red Lipstick Cara Delevingne StyleChi Blue Beanie Petrol Sunglasses Grey Skinny Jeans Black Strip Bart Simpson Cropped Jumper Black Cara Delevingne StyleChi Blue Mini Dress Short Navy Coat Black Boots Cara Delevingne StyleChi Blue Turquoise Checked Shirt Light Blue Jeans Lace Up Boots Leather Jacket Cara Delevingne StyleChi Bouffant Hair Black Red Print T-Shirt Grey Skinny Jeans Leather Jacket Biker Boots Cara Delevingne StyleChi Burberry Brazil Metallic Trench Coat Black Buttons Satin Strip Skinny Trousers Nude Platform Heels Ripped White Top Cara Delevingne StyleChi Crazy Hair Black Leather Jacket Beats Headphones Studded Biker Boots Striped T-Shirt Grey Masculine Trousers Showing Jack Wills Blue Underwear Cara Delevingne StyleChi Dark Grey Masculine Trousers Black Biker Boots Leather Jacket Beanie Hat White T-Shirt cara-delevingne-style chi-festical-style-patterned-bomber-jacket-black-skinny-jeans-boots-iridescent-sunglasses Glastonbury Cara Delevingne StyleChi Grandad Sunglasses Black Leather Jacket Floral Multi Colour Trousers Grey Top Cap Cara Delevingne StyleChi Green Coat White Shirt Lace Bra Leather Panel Trousers Lace Up Wedges Cara Delevingne StyleChi Green Peplum Skirt Bow Belt Studded Clutch Lace Up Ankle Boots Cara Delevingne StyleChi Green Silver Metallic Shift Dress Peep Toe Heels British Fashion Awards 2012 Cara Delevingne StyleChi Green Split Draped Bandage Dress Cara Delevingne StyleChi Grey Blazer White Shirt Leather Trousers Buckled Strappy Lace Up Boots Cara Delevingne StyleChi Grey Socks Black Trainers Reverse Cap Leather Jacket T-Shirt Cream Lace Suspender Shorts Cara Delevingne StyleChi IMA READ Black White Cap Green Blue Shirt Beats Headphones Retro Grandad Black Orange Sunglasses Masculine Androgynous Cara Delevingne StyleChi IMA READ Black White Cap White Shirt Green Trousers Black Trainers Street Style Androgynous Masculine Style Cara Delevingne StyleChi Light Blue Blazer Trousers Tokyo Supreme Cropped Top Black Beanie Round Sunglasses Cara Delevingne StyleChi London Fashion Week Grey Tracky Bottoms Black Biker Boots Retro Ornage Frame Round Sunglasses Batwing Face Hoodie Turquoise Beanie Cara Delevingne StyleChi Marl Grey Trousers Silver Metallic High Top Trainers Khaki Jacket Blue Hat Tomboy Look Cara Delevingne StyleChi Met Ball 2013 Punk Studded Deep V-Neck Plunge Black Dress Cara Delevingne StyleChi Mulberry Style Black White Striped Skinny Trousers Skull Print T-Shirt Black Blazer Trainers Bowler Bag Cara Delevingne StyleChi Navy Blue Dress Embellished Lines Strappy Heeled Boots Cara Delevingne StyleChi Nike Trainers Oxblood Skinny Trousers White Navy Varsity Jacket Grey Leather Bag Black Beanie Cara Delevingne StyleChi Oversized Boyfriend Black T-Shirt Suspenders Black Trainers Petrol Sunglasses Cara Delevingne StyleChi Party Outfit Black Suit Blazer Cropped Tailored Trousers White Shirt Bow Tie Gold Statement Necklace Peep Toe Shoe Boots Cara Delevingne StyleChi Partying Cropped Yellow Floral Corset Top Houndstooth Trousers Flower Headband Cara Delevingne StyleChi Red Beanie Hat Black Leather Jacket Light Blue Denim Skinny Jeans White T-Short Headphones Casual Look Cara Delevingne StyleChi Red Black Tartan Jacket Part Leather Trousers Platform Lace Up Heeled Boots Cara Delevingne StyleChi Sequin Dress Strappy Sandals Cara Delevingne StyleChi Short Overalls Dungarees Light Blue Sunglasses Headband Cobalt Blue Cropped Top Trainers  Festival Style Cara Delevingne StyleChi Silver Cut Out Sequin Dress Black Quilted Clutch Bag Cara Delevingne StyleChi Street Style Blue White Striped Skinny Jeans Black Trainers Marl Grey T-Shirt White Jacket Round Retro Sunglasses Orange Frames Black Beanie Cara Delevingne StyleChi Street Style Fashion Week Hair Pulled Back Yellow Red White High Top Trainers Grey Tracky Bottoms Black Jacket Hoodie Blue Back Pack Cara Delevingne StyleChi Striped Skinny Trousers Black Lace Up Boots Leather Jacket Guns N Roses T-Shirt Statement Gold Necklace Cara Delevingne StyleChi Trench Coat Leather Trousers Orange Satchel Back Black Patent Pointed Toe Shoe Boots Cara Delevingne StyleChi White Last Clean T-Shirt Whatever Black Beanie Hat Retro Sunglasses Hoodie Dark Lip Cara Delevingne StyleChi White Skinny Jeans Lace Up Black Boots Grey Jacket Black Leather Sleeves Shoulder Bag Cara Delevingne StyleChi White Skinny Jeans Red Pattern Leather Jacket Wet Look Sleek Pulled Back Hair Sunglasses Gold Statement Necklace Cara Delevingne StyleChi White Tank Top Indigo Jean Nike Trainers Petrol Sunglasses Red Beanies Cara Delevingne StyleChi Yellow T-Shirt Black Skinny Jeans Vans Trainers Striped Beanie Street Style Cara Delevingne StyleChi Zipped White Strip Black Bodysuit Bomber Metallic Gold Jacket

Want to dress like Cara? You’ll need the following: She loves her black Burberry leather jacket (but yours doesn’t have to be Burberry, no worries), loose fitting masculine trousers, beanie hats, caps, varsity jackets, backpacks, trainers, biker boots, round retro sunglasses, striped skinny jeans – and sporting thick dark eyebrows (but everyone knows that).

And guess where you can find aaaalll these items without going totally bankrupt? of course.


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