Olivia Palermo – She’s Doing It Right

Hello oh fashionable ones!

Have you guys ever heard of a show called The City? Nope? You must have done! It was the show which followed The Hills, aired on MTV, with Whitney Port trying to make it in New York.
Remember Whitney used to work with this girl called Olivia who was always really mean to her and super underhanded and whom everyone loved to hate? Well that girl is now fashion icon/IT girl Olivia Palermo.
Cue the jaw drops for those of you who have only seen her in fashion magazines and never knew she was once a reality TV villain…
When she started getting big, we just couldn’t understand it… had no one else been watching and seen how mean she was??
Yes, we get carried away and forget that most of these reality shows are staged. And yes, we also became blind to the biggest factor of all… Olivia Palermo can put together a look like nobody’s business – which is why she’s made it and why she belongs on our beloved blog.

So Olivia, sorry for ever assuming you were slightly evil (but only very slightly), and thanks for being such a style inspiration.

True story.

Olivia Palermo 2011 New York Fashion Show Brown Leather Shorts White Blouse Animal Print Heels StyleChi
Olivia Palermo Animal Print Blouse White Skirt Ballerinas Sunglasses StyleChi
Olivia Palermo at the Dior Haute-Couture 2012 show during Paris Fashion Week Leather Trousers Black Shoe Boots Blue Clutch StyleChi
Olivia Palermo Beige Red Ballerinas Fur Gilet Black  Jacket Leather Trousers Brown Clutch Sunglasses StyleChi
Olivia Palermo Black And Orange Dress Lace Style Rose Heels StyleChi
Olivia Palermo Black Blazer Leather Trousers Animal Print Clutch Sequin Top StyleChi
Olivia Palermo Black Blazer Sandals And Clutch Champagne Dress StyleChi
Olivia Palermo Black Fur Gilet Black Leather Trousers Khaki Jumper Yellow Clutch StyleChi
Olivia Palermo Black Leather Trousers Jacket Belted Top Pony Hair Camo Pointed Heels StyleChi

Hugo Boss celebrates Hugo in Honor of the Guggenheim Museum Young Collectors Council, Hugo Greene Street, New York, America - 18 May 2011 Olivia Palermo
Olivia Palermo Black Suit Waistcoat WHite Shirt Platform Heels StyleChi
Olivia Palermo Blue Polka Dot Sleeveless Blouse Maxi Skirt Ballerinas Sunglasses StyleChi
Olivia Palermo Brown Jacket Fur Grey Suit Trousers Animal Print Pointed Heels StyleChi
Olivia Palermo Brown Sheepskin Jacket  Skirt StyleChi
Olivia Palermo Brown Shirt And Flares 70s Look StyleChi
Olivia Palermo Casual Burgundy Sweater Jeans Black And White Leather Sleeve Jacket Heels Sunglasses StyleChi
HBO with The Cinema Society host the after party for HBO's "Girls" StyleChi Olivia Palermo Casual White Blouse Jeans
Olivia Palermo Coral Suit Trousers Peplum Top Deep Red Bag Black Sky Blue Heels Sunglasses StyleCHi
Olivia Palermo Denim Shorts Black Jacket Heels Taupe Bag StyleChi
Olivia Palermo Dress Cardigan StyleChi
Olivia Palermo Dusk Pink Blazer Leather Trousers Pointed Slippers StyleChi
Olivia Palermo Floaty Maxi Skirt Green Shirt Ballerinas Sunglasses StyleChi
Olivia Palermo Green Coat Black Patent Slippers And Clutch StyleChi
Olivia Palermo Grey Suit Black Top Yellow Peep Toe Shoe Boots Taupe Bag StyleChi
Olivia Palermo London FashionWeek Jacquard Trousers Yellow top And Jacket Black Clutch StyleChi
Olivia Palermo Navy Short Sleeved Coat Hi Lo Black Skirt Black Heels Sunglasses StyleChi
Olivia Palermo Olivia Joy Clutch White SHirt Beige Shorts Sandals StyleCHi
Olivia Palermo Pony Hair Animal Print Oxfords Off Green Sleeveless Shirt Dress StyleChi
Olivia Palermo Red Top Patterned Skirt Beige and Red Ballerinas StyleChi
Olivia Palermo Salmon Pink Frilly Blouse Oxblood Pants Hot Pink Clutch StyleChi
Olivia Palermo Shirt Batwing Taupe Sweater Black Leather Trousers and Biker Boots Black and White Bag StyleChi
Olivia Palermo Skirt Navy Military Coat White Polo Neck Black Red Boots StyleChi
Olivia Palermo Sunglasses Fur Gilet Black High Neck Jeans Black Biker Boots And Bag StyleChi
Olivia Palermo Walks Dog Boyfriend Jeans Ballerinas White Blazer Tank Top StyleChi
Olivia Palermo White Silk Blouse Brown Clutch Beige Large Suit Trousers StyleChi Mango Fashion Show
Olivia Palermo White Summer Outfit Skirt Beige Sandals StyleChi
Olivia Palermo Yellow Hi Lo Dress Animal Print CLutch Strappy Sandals StyleChi
Olivia Palermo Yellow Trench Leather Trousers Velvet Slippers StyleChi
Olivia+Palermo Sunglasses Denim Shirt White Floaty Skirt Animal Print Pink Trim Ballerinas Blue Handbag StyleChi
Olivia+Palermo Sunglasses Lace Cream Dress Blue Handbag Animal Print Pink Trim Ballerinas StyleChi
Olivia+Palermo+Cinema+Society+Screening+Invention Black Dress Brown Patent Heels Red Belted Textured Jacket StyleChi
Olivia+Palermo+Rachel+Zoe+Front+Row+Spring Tulip Hi Lo Black Skirt Brown Clutch Beige Belted Jacket StyleChi
Olivia Palermo Trench Coat Beige Dress Animal Print Heels StyleChi

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