It’s British Fashion Icon O’Clock – Hello Kate Moss

So we’ll admit, this one is no shocker… but to be fair we weren’t trying to wow you with an original fashion reference here.

I mean we were always going to do a feature on Kate Moss; there is no way around writing about fashion and not writing about Ms Moss, right?

Kate Moss is the absolute best at making style look effortless; we suppose that’s part of what defines a fashion icon. Her style is very rock’n’roll; to be a KM copycat, skinny jeans are a must, as are high heeled boots – but no worries, no excessive experimenting on the horizon! It’s all about having good, solid basics – perfectly cut but plain jeans, jackets and T-shirts – and dressing them up with shoes and accessories. Leather, fur (fake we hope…) and denim are also necessary.

Here’s a fun fact about Kate for all the art lovers out there: She had her figure immortalized in solid gold in a 1.5 million pound sterling statue that went on show at the British Museum in August 2008. If you’ve never seen it before, look it up, check it out. It’s definitely interesting…

That is however completely beside the point, so, without further ado, we present to you, the fabulous Ms Moss:

Kate Moss Coloured Leather Jacket StyleChi
Kate Moss Grey Jeans Check Shirt StyleChi
Kate Moss Beige Coat StyleChi
Kate Moss  Cut Off Shorts StyleChi
Kate Moss  ilitary Jacket StyleChi

Kate Moss White Lace Dress StyleChi

Kate Moss Paris Hat Black Outfit StyleChi
Kate Moss Beige Coat Black Dress Hat StyleChi
Kate Moss Green Floral Dress StyleChi

Kate Moss Black Skinnies Hat Scarf StyleChi
Kate Moss  Stripey Dress Black Boots StyleChi
Kate Moss Blue Polka Dot Trousers Sandals StyleChi

Kate Moss Navy Blue Blazer Beige Shorts StyleChi
Kate Moss Grey Suit And Hat StyleChi
Kate Moss Split Belted Dress Cream Fur StyleChi
Kate Moss Fringe Boots Shorts Blazer StyleChi
Kate moss Black Blazer Dress StyleChi
Kate Moss Biker Boots Check Shirt StyleChi
Kate Moss Leopard Dress StyleChi
Kate Moss All Black Outfit StyleChi
Kate Moss Grey Fur and Dress StyleChi
Kate Moss Androgynous Tie And Shirt StyleChi
Kate+Moss+Pink Chloe Trousers Black Shirt StyleChi
Kate Moss Festival Fashion StyleChi
Kate Moss Festival Style StyleChi
kate-moss Festival Fashion StyleChi
Kate-Moss-Glastonbury Festival-Style StyleChi
Kate Moss All Black Leather Boots StyleChi
Kate Moss Check Shirt Flat Boots StyleChi
Kate-Moss Black Boots Stripey Top Stylechi

kate-moss Cape Leather Trousers Stripey Top StyleChi
Kate-Moss Silver Dress Long Sleeves StyleChi
Kate-Moss Winter Style StyleChi

kate-moss studded Dress StyleChi
Kate-Moss Fur Jacket Brown Boots StyleChi
Kate-moss Fringe-boots StyleChi

kate-moss-fashion-week lbd leather jacket StyleChi
Kate-Moss Grey Dress StyleChi
Kate-Moss Isle-of-Wight-Festival Shorts Boots StyleChi
Kate Moss LBD StyleChi
Kate Moss  Blazer Jeans StyleChi
Kate-Moss Boyfriend Jeans Heels StyleChi
Kate Moss London Stripey Top Black SKinnies StyleChi
Kate Moss Knee High Brown Boots StyleChi
Kate Moss Fur Jacket Stripey Top StyleChi

Kate Moss Wedding Dress StyleChi
Kate Moss Vintage Wedding Dress StyleChi
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