StyleChi and The Princess Fashion Diaries

Remember a few years ago when we were all in love with Prince William, we all hoped that one day we might bump into him on the street, it would be love at first sight, we’d get married and we would become an actual Princess?? We’re talking a REAL PRINCESS. Just like in the Disney films.

Right, well those days are clearly over. He’s married, and to be honest, everyone fancies bad boy Harry nowadays (not Harry Styles ladies. Prince Harry. Focus please.).

That said, the day William got married, our itty bitty hearts broke a little… the only thing that kept us going was that we couldn’t have let him go to a more fashion-worthy lady: Catherine Middleton. There is a reason she’s been crowned UK’s top style icon by many polls.

What really kills us though isn’t so much that we don’t get to be princesses (it’s a lot of responsibility after all…), it’s that she gets to wear princess dresses all the time! And actually, what kills us even more is that we absolutely loved her wedding dress, and not to be your stereotypical wedding crazed girls here, but now that she’s worn it for her big day, we can’t wear it for ours. Gutted.

Anyway, we applaud her for managing to display impeccable style all the while being every bit the regal princess she is expected to be. Congrats Kate, you’re top rated in our books.

So guys, check out her style file below and take notes.

Kate Middleton Black Skinny Jeans Khaki Jacket StyleChi

Kate Middleton Yellow Top Casual StyleChi

Kate Middleton J Brand Jeans

Kate Middleton White Skinny Jeans Shopping StyleChi

Kate Middleton Danum Valley Rainforest StyleChi

Kate Middleton Countryside Look StyleChi

Kate Middleton Army Green Wellies
Prince William Kate Middleton Blue V-Neck Dress  StyleChi
Kate Middleton Singapore Dress StyleChi
Kate Middleton Prince William Burgundy Dress StyleChiKate Middleton Burgundy Dress StyleChi
Kate Middleton Pleats StyleChi
Kate Middleton Pink Pleated Dress StyleChi
Kate Middleton Marau Sleeveless Dress StyleChi
Kate Middleton Jenny Packham Yellow Dress StyleChi
Kate Middleton Fashion Style StyleChi
Kate Middleton Fashion Style Clothes Baby-bump Polka-dot Maternity Dress
Kate Middleton Bright Blue Dress StyleChi
Kate Middleton Joseph Outfit StyleChi
Kate Middleton Lace Dress StyleChi
Kate Middleton Blue Dress Freedom-of-the-City Ceremony Quebec
Kate Middleton Black Wrap Around Dress StyleChi
The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Tour Southeast Asia - Day 3
Kate Middleton Long Sleeved Red Dress Hat StyleChi
Catherine Middleton White Dress StyleChi
Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton Military Style StyleChi
Pregnant Kate Middleton Peach Coat StyleChi
Kate Middleton Green Coat
Kate Middleton  Grimsby Brown Coat StyleChi
Kate Middleton White Split Long Sleeved Dress StyleChi
Kate Middleton Prince William Long Sleeve V-Neck Evenin Dress
Kate Middleton Lace Gown StyleChi
Kate Middleton Birthday Style Green Split Dress StyleChi
Kate Middleton White Gown StyleChi
Kate Middleton Teal Evening Dress StyleChi
Catherine Middleton Bright Pink Evening Dress StyleChi
Kate Middleton Duchess of Cambridge Alexander McQueen Black Velvet Dress StyleChi
Kate Middleton Prince William Wedding Photo StyleChi
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