She walks like Rihanna – We want to dress like her.

Happy Friday to you all!

Today we are going to explore the fashion life of one of the most famous ladies on the planet – Miss Robyn Rihanna Fenty, AKA Rihanna (on its own like).

Whether you like her music or not, Rihanna has one thing you can’t take away from her…. She is très très HOT… and dresses accordingly.

So before we dive into our glacial-winter wardrobe and forget for the next 10 months that under those multiple layers of clothing we are still alive with limbs and all, we thought we would remind ourselves what it’s like to dress and look hot; that’s what the weekends are for right?? So let’s take a page out of Riri’s book and remember that winter does not mean our hotness needs to hibernate (now we’re not saying you should all freeze to death by sacrificing warmth and comfort for fashion, please do wear your puffer jackets, XXL scarves, woolly hats and gloves too).

A few trends Rihanna rocks to perfection: denim, split skirts and dresses, crop tops, bomber jackets, knitted sweaters, the thug look, skimpy dresses, hats (and many more).

Let’s start with denim, shall we?

Rihanna Ripped Shorts Hoop Earrings StyleChi
Rihanna Ripped Boyfriend Jeans Hologram Tee StyleChi
Rihanna Overalls StyleChi
Rihanna Leopard Shoes
Rihanna Double Denim Derby Shoes Blonde StyleChi
Rihanna Double Denim StyleChi
Rihanna Denim Jumpsuit Blonde StyleChi
Rihanna Denim Jacket StyleChi
RIhanna Denim Jacket Plaid Shirt
Rihanna Denim Cut Offs StyleChi
Denim jacket dress StyleChi Rihanna
Rihanna Thug Style Chi
Rihanna Sweat Pants Heels Crop Top StyleChi
Rihanna Street Split Skirt StyleChi
Rihanna Tight Skirt Bare Belly StyleChi
Rihanna Thug StyleChi
Rihanna Thug Black Ensemble StyleChi
Rihanna Chilled Out StyleChi
Rihanna Black Jeans Crop Top Gold Heels StyleChi
Rihanna Crop Top Black Jeans StyleChi
Rihanna Split Skirt Stripey Crop Top StyleChi
Rihanna StyleChi
Rihanna Summer Floral Shorts Coral Knitted Sweater StyleChi
Rihanna Black Knitted Jumper StyleChi
Grey Strappy Dress Rihanna StyleChi
Rihanna Black Dress StyleChi
Rihanna Blue Dress StyleChi
Rihanna Red Dress StyleChi
Rihanna Gorilla Dress
Rihanna White Dress StyleChi
Rihanna Green Split Dress StyleChi
Rihanna Long Red Dress Red Carpet StyleChi
Shop all these trends for less on! We reward you for sharing, liking, tweeting, buying and logging in, by making your prices drop in real time and for good.


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