It’s Tweet For A Sweet O’Clock!

We have a big announcement for you guys today!
Now I don’t want you to all start hyper-ventilating so please pace yourselves…..
But not only is today (well this evening for most of us) the start of the BANK HOLIDAY WEEKEND (BOOO YAAAAH!), it is also Friday which means it’s time to enter our Twitter competition to try and win this uber cute, could eat it like candy, makes me feel like Barbie (but in a good way), is totally girly, candyfloss-coloured OPI Chic from ears to Tail nail polish.

OPI Chic From Ears to Tail Competition StyleChi
All the sane people who started reading this post will already have stopped reading and left to RT StyleChi on Twitter.

For the rest of you who are still reading…
RT your souls away!

Anyway, we hope you have the best bank holiday weekend ever!

Love from the StyleChi team xx

PS: For all you Londoners out there, don’t forget to swing by the Notting Hill carnival! It’s going to be immense and we certainly hope to see you there.


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