StyleChi’s Big Mega Love For Fearne Cotton’s Style

Hello peeps!

How’s everyone doing today? Can you believe we’re less than two weeks away from September and the sun is still shining?? Wooooop! That gets us very excited here at StyleChi because it means we can still wear our skimpy dresses, sandals, shorts et al., and it also means we’re not shivering 82% of the time. YESSS.

And of course, you can count on us to brighten up your day with a fantabulous fashion feature.
Today we have decided to take a minute to go through some of our favourite Fearne Cotton looks.

Introducing Fearne Cotton StyleChi

Miss Cotton is a UK TV/radio presenter, and not only do we love her style, but she’s also another one of those celebs whom we reckon we could be absolute bezzies with (promise we’re not crazy). We would go shopping together, she would pick out a mind-blowingly awesome outfit for us to go to this private gig with her and we would end up drinking champagne with Pharrell Williams and Florence Welch while she would tell us some hilarious jokes…
Okay. Enough with the crazy talk then.

Fearne’s style is basically a mix of Lady and London, street and chic. No shying away from mixing prints and textures, always dressing an outfit up with some really stylish but basic accessories, ie. shoes and bags, mixing on trend items with vintage and dressing what you’re in the mood for (ie. If you want to wear flats and a slouchy jumper, just do it.).

Here goes. Prepare to get your tiny minds blown away by fashion geniositude guys.

PS: We’ve even done a little timeline, going from summer looks to mid-season to more wintery looks, just for you.

Fearne Cotton at Radio 1 studios, London, Britain - 03 Aug 2011
Fearne Cotton arriving at Radio 1 studios, London, Britain - 22 Aug 2008
Fearne Cotton Graphic Print Dress StyleChi
Fearne Cotton Embellished Collar Converse Mini Dress StyleChi
Fearne Cotton Long Dress StyleChi
Fearne Cotton Oversized Jumper Acid Wash Heans Vans Plimsoles StyleChi
Fearne Cotton StyleChi
Fearne Cotton Strappy Ballerinas Biker Jacket StyleChi
Fearne Cotton Acid Wash Jeans Camouflage Jacket StyleChi
Fearne Cotton Bohemian Maxi Dress StyleChi
Fearne Cotton Leopard Print Flats Burgundy Trousers StyleChi
Fearne Cotton Biker Jacket Detailed Tights Graphic Dress StyleChi
Fearne Cotton Tartan Trousers STyleChi
Fearne Cotton Plimsoles Fur Hat Striped Top StyleChi

Fearne Cotton Boyfriend Jeans Leopard Heels StyleChi
Fearne Cotton Metallic Shorts StyleChi
Fearne Cotton Red Carpet Velvet Blue Dress StyleChi
Fearne Cotton Dressed Up StyleChi
Fearne Cotton Vintage Velvet Dress Beige Coat Brown Boots StyleChi
Fearne Cotton Hat Burgungy Leopard Dress Dotted Tights StyleChi
Fearne Cotton Green Jumper Blue Jeans StyleChi
Fearne Cotton Graphic Print Fur Jacket Black Boots StyleChi
Fearne Cotton Graphic Print Coat Denim Shirt Black Jeans StyleChi
Fearne Cotton Brown Mini Shorts Black Ankle Boots StyleChi
Fearne Cotton Burgundy Knit Polka Dot Skirt StyleChi
Fearne Cotton Military Coat StyleChi
Fearne Cotton Tartan Shirt Red Coat StyleChi
Fearne Cotton Brown Lace Up Boots Grey Coat StyleChi

We’ve got such a massive crush on her fashion sense, we’re going to have a mooch on StyleChi and see what we can get (for less) to look like Ms Cotton.

Big love from the SC team xx


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