Fashion Obsession: Lou Doillon – Mademoiselle Androgynous

Hey everyone,

Hope you’re all feeling marvellous today! As usual, we have some amazing styling coming your way with our fashion focus of the day, French It girl Lou Doillon!

Lou Doillon Mini Dress Black Boots StyleChi

Lou is a model slash actress, daughter of model slash actress slash muse slash singer Jane Birkin. We reckon only our fashion-crazed readers will know her but Lou definitely has a style which can inspire everybody, and in particular ladies with a more androgynous figure. She is also the proof that you don’t necessarily need curves to be sexy.  We have said it before, it’s not just how you look or what you wear, it’s how you wear it and how you feel (write yourself a sticky note to remember that!).

Lou’s look is very laid back yet sexy (she does seem to ‘forget’ her bra on a regular basis, oops) and usually coupled with a hat, suspenders and her staple haircut, long hair with a fringe. She likes to mix it up and has mastered the androgynous look like very few others.

If we were to imagine what a typical Parisian girl looks like, she would definitely fit our imaginary profile (might be the moodiness though).

We know we’re in the middle of summer but we are already getting excited about these mid-season looks! We’re now also thinking of creating a hat-fund for ourselves… They just complete her outfits so perfectly!

Lou Doillon Mini Dress Boots Denim Jacket Fringe Bag StyleChi
Lou Doillon Green Houndstooth Jacket Front StyleChi
Lou Doillon Black Ensemble Givenchy Show Paris StyleChi

Lou Doillon Black Outfit StyleChi

Lou Doillon Chapka StyleChi

Lou Doillon Burberry Trench Coat StyleChi

Lou Doillon Cut Out Playsuit StyleChi
Lou Doillon Green Python Trousers Green Blouse StyleChi
Lou Doillon Hat Leather Jacket StyleChi
Lou Doillon Granny Dress StyleChi

Chanel - Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011 ArrivalsLou Doillon High Waisted Skirt Hat StyleChi
Jacques Doillon And Lou Doillon Portrait Session - The 7th Rome Film FestivalLou Doillon Jeans Suspenders StyleChi
Lou Doillon LBD White Cropped Jacket Karl Lagerfeld StyleChiLou Doillon LBD White Cropped Jacket StyleChi
Lou Doillon Leather Dress StyleChi
Lou Doillon Leather Jacket Cowboy Boots StyleChi
Lou Doillon Leopard Fur Coat Grey Blazer StyleChi
Rocking the military jacket:
Lou Doillon Leopard Fur Coat Grey Blazer StyleChi

Lou Doillon Ripped Jeans White Blouse StyleChi
Lou Doillon Shorts Black Boots StyleChi
Lou Doillon Shirt High Waisted Trousers

Lou Doillon Ripped Shorts White T-Shirt 2 StyleChi
We love this pirate inspired look:
Lou Doillon Pirate StyleChi
Lou Doillon Shorts Knee Length Socks StyleChi

We think it’s time to shop, don’t you?
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Hugs from the StyleChi team!


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