K-Stew, StyleChi Fashion Inspiration?

Hello StyleChi-ers,

Today we have decided to open a style file, not entirely  on our own accord but due to popular demand.

It seems a certain someone managed to escape our fashion icon radar. And that certain someone is Kristen Stewart.


Now we’re not saying we’ve never seen her dress well, simply that we hadn’t fallen in love with her style. BUT. You guys love it, so we had to do a feature on her. How nice are we, ey??

So here’s the D-low on K-Stew:

Ms Stewart started acting from a very young age but became famous mostly for starring in the Twilight films. Aside from biting her lip, looking slightly awkward, hanging out with the odd blood-sucking dead bloke who sparkles in the sunlight or an uber muscly teen who turns into a wolf every time he’s in a mood, miss Stewart likes to chill in:

-Trainers (mostly Converse, Nike or Vans)
-A pair of blue or black skinnies
-A simple round neck T-shirt
-A hoodie
-Black leather jacket
-Black-framed glasses or wayfarer/round-shaped sunnies
-A baseball cap

We actually really like her casual looks which tend to be effortlessly cool. Now that’s for the day time look… :

Kristen Stewart Casual Skinnies Phillies T-Shirt StyleChi

Kristen Stewart Casual Skinnies T-Shirt StyleChi

Kristen Stewart Casual Skinnies T-Shirt Hoodie Vans StyleChi

Kristen Stewart Casual Airport Look StyleChi

Kristen Stewart Casual Jumper Shirt Sunglasses Skinny Jeans StyleChi

Kristen Stewart Casual Skinnies Grey Sweater StyleChi

Kristen Stewart Black Skinny Jeans Blue Trainers StyleChi

As for the red carpet/fancy events, it’s a different story all together. And we are actually quite surprised at how daring Kristen has been on the red carpet considering her day to day look is almost always the same (not that there’s anything wrong with that!). Check out some of her more dressy looks, ooo-er!

Kristen Stewart Multilook StyleChi

Kristen Stewart Multi Look StyleChi

Kristen Burgundy Part Lace Combi Red Carpet StyleChi

Kristen Stewart Leather Trousers Red Heels StyleChi

Kristen Stewart Long Red Black Dress StyleChi

Kristen Stewart Grey Leopard Dress StyleChi

Kristen Stewart Smart Casual StyleChi
Kristen Stewart Yellow Jeans Black Jacket  StyleChi
Kristen Stewart Mini Studded Safety Pin Dress StyleChi

Kristen Stewart Mini Shorts Red Leather Jacket StyleChi

Kristen Stewart Mini See Through Dress StyleChi

Kristen Stewart Embroidered Dress  StyleChi

Kristen Stewart Lace Red Dress StyleChi

Want to steal Kristen’s style? Easy peasy lemon squeezy, go on StyleChi.com now!
From Vans to Converse to evening dresses, we’ve got it all!

PS: Don’t forget to participate in our weekly Friday competitions! You could be the lucky new owner of a funky OPI nail varnish.

PPS: We actually have fallen in love with her style now… Grrrr


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