StyleChi’s Fashion Crush Of Le Day – BB

StyleChi-ers, how are you today??

We are feeling absolutely fantabulous! Still loving the great weather, taking in all the vitamin D we can (with sun screen on obvi!) and gorging on fruit.

And to inspire you today, we have a very special blog guest.

She says “Oooh la la” a lot, eats baguettes all day long, wears berets and used to have the most amazing fashion sense, she is…

Have you guessed yet??

I’m talking about Brigitte Bardot of course!

French actress Brigitte Bardot in the 60s StyleChi Fashion Crush
Okay so maybe she doesn’t eat baguette or wear a beret everyday but since she is French we thought those would be easy (and oh so witty) clues.

Anyway, we digress, back to BB.

Miss Bardot used to be a model, actress, singer, starred in 47 films and recorded over 80 songs.
MORE IMPORTANTLY however, she also used to be a major style icon in the 60s and we think every girl should take a step back and take a look at these pictures of the French bombshell to see just how modern she was and how much she actually brought to beauty and fashion nowadays. The fact of the matter is, people still rock black eye liner, loafer slippers, bee hives, head scarves, crop tops and ballet flats in the exact same way she used to. Not to mention she’s got sass, character and attitude. We love BB so much in the pictures below that the green eyed monster is making an appearance in our sun-filled day… eeek!

BB & Loafers
Brigitte Bardot Loafers StyleChi Fashion Crush
BB – Mini Dress And Attitude To BootBrigitte Bardot Attitude Mini Dress StyleChi Fashion Crush
BB – Rocking The Biker LookBrigitte Bardot Beautiful StyleChi Fashion Crush
BB & The High Waisted Polka Dot SkirtBrigitte Bardot Polka Dots StyleChi Fashion Crush
BB & Polka Dot Cropped TrousersBrigitte Bardot Polka Dot Cropped Trousers StyleChi Fashion Crush
BB – Headband & Eyeliner Perfection
Brigitte Bardot Headband & Eye Liner StyleChi Fashion Crush
BB – Victorian Blouse
Brigitte Bardot Victorian Style Blouse StyleChi Fashion Crush

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