Lace Dresses For The Win This Summer

Happy Friday to you all! Any plans for the weekend? Going out anywhere nice? I know I am!
So here’s my question: what are we all wearing tonight?
Don’t know? Well here’s one trend that isn’t running out of steam anytime soon which you might want to look into: the lace dress.

At StyleChi, we are big fans of this trend for two reasons.

1) You can adapt your lace dress to your own style: you can be an angel, or you can be the devil.
2) Lace dresses make us feel like we’re princesses, and that’s always a definite plus.

Here are a few celebrity looks to inspire you; the lace dress can be worn long, short, monochrome or in a flashy colour.

   Blake Lively, Kate Bosworth, Taylor Swift and Olivia Palermo Styling It Out In Black And White Lace Dresses

Celebrities Wearing Short Lace Dresses - StyleChi

Blake Lively, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Middleton Looking Beautiful In Long Lace Dresses

Celebrities Wearing Colourful Lace Dresses -StyleChi
Solange Knowles, Alexa Chung, Lea Michele And Heidi Klum Rocking Flashy Lace Dresses

Celebrities Wearing Colourful Flashy Lace Dresses - StyleChi

And of course, here at StyleChi, we’ve got your back with a wide selection of all the hottest lace dresses on the high street, but at your own price.

Be a smart shopper, get your lace dress at


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