StyleChi Style Crush: Nicole Richie

Have you ever watched a show called The Simple Life starring Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie? Well it’s about time you started, firstly because let’s face it, it’s a guilty pleasure, but more importantly to witness the tremendous change Nicole Richie has gone through over the last decade. At the time, one would never have suspected Ms Richie had so much potential in terms of class and fashion sense. Well I think it’s about time she received some praise. At StyleChi, we love the fact that she really has her own style, takes risks and think that more often than not, she looks too cool for school. Check out her amazing transformation.

Nicole Richie in 2003 
Nicole Richi 2003 StyleChi
And Nicole in the last few years:

Nicole Richie’s casual chic looks
Nicole Richie Casual Chic Style StyleChi
Nicole Richie’s dressed up and red carpet looks
Nicole Richie Dressed Up Looks StyleChi


Nicole Richie Red Carpet Looks StyleChi
Nicole doesn’t shy away from experimenting with her style as proved at this year’s Met Ball. It may not be our favourite look but we definitely admire her for trying.

Nicole Richie at the Met Ball 2013
Nicole Richie at the Met Ball 2013 StyleChi

You will also notice that Ms Richie is a hair chameleon, from blonde to brunette, short to long, fringe to middle parting, everything suits her. She’s the queen of cool I tell you…

Here at StyleChi, we can’t give you a hair make over, but what we can do is reward you for logging in, sharing, tweeting, liking and buying from us so that you never have to pay retail prices, making it easier for you to steal Nicole’s style.


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