AW Make-up – All about Lips!

Rich plum and maroon lip hues with subtle eyes, lightened eyebrows and little to no blush is the look of this season on the runway. An intense look for some but very chic if you can pull it off. Here is how to get the look!

Foundation: Use something like NARS Cosmetics Sheer Glow Foundation all over the face with most emphasis on the brows. This is a great one to use because it can be applied in layers to provide more coverage to your brows!


Concealer: For extra coverage use a concealer, like this NARS Duo Concealer, that is slightly lighter than your skin tone focusing mainly on your brows and highlighting the area under your eyes.


Lighten Brows: To finish off the invisible brow look sweep a bit of Anastasia’s tinted brow gel in blonde over your brows. It is a temporary tinting makeup that sets the illusion.


Finishing Touches!

Powder: Add a loose powder like this one from, NARS all over the face to complete the look.


Light Brown Mascara: A brown mascara is just what you need to keep the eyes looking beautiful and subtle. Try Diorshow’s Extase Mascara.


Lip Pencil: Define the lips with a matching colour like this deep Cherry lip pencil from MAC Cosmetics. It creates fuller lips once the lipstick is applied and helps keep your colour in place.


Lipstick: For me, this is the best part! Applying the gorgeous lip colour! Try MAC’s Hang-up lipstick! It looks great on all skin tones!

MAC Cosmetics, StyleChi

Have fun playing with your look! StyleChi always has the latest and greatest tips on fashion & beauty!

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