Reap The Rewards For Socialising.

The average Facebook user spends 10 minutes per day on Facebook and if you are anything like us you’ll be thinking. . . is that all? Imagine if there was a way to put all those lost cyber minutes (hours?) into something, well, useful.  Imagine if there was a way you could actually be rewarded for doing something you do everyday. Well now there is.  StyleChi is a unique online shopping experience built around the things you love doing; socially communicating, sharing, liking and tweeting about the things you love, the unique experiences that shape your day and the people and things who make your world.

StyleChi offers you social fashion, gorgeous cutting edge pieces with no fixed price tag.  Instead the price you pay is unique to you based on your own social preferences and how much love you have for each on trend fashion item.  Tell the your world you heart our Reverse Multi Graphic Shorts and watch the price you pay drop as you spread the news.  If one of our top of the range pieces is not for you then leave it be (someone else will adore it) and focus on the things you love – like you do everyday with that little ‘like’ button. Only this time see some love back and reap the rewards.


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