Welcome to StyleChi


The most rewarding customer experience – A cutting edge fashion network that rewards YOU for socializing.

Introducing the newest shopping experience for the smart, modern shopper.  StyleChi ensures you stay ahead of the pack with the latest trends and styles, whilst being rewarded with deals that continue to get better the more you socialise and shop.

StyleChi.com allows the fashion conscious customer to immerse themselves in a social shopping environment that rewards their contribution to the community by gifting real cash rewards. The website’s unique real-time loyalty system means that members of the StyleChi network are remembered and rewarded instantly.

The Purpose

Today’s fasionistas love to look sharp and invest in up to the minute cutting edge fashion clothing and accessories.  However you demand cutting edge fashion at a price that is accessible and like to stay savvy by getting a good ‘deal’.

The purpose of StyleChi.com is to meet this need for aspirational fashion at unique, gift prices.  It works through engagement in a social experience that matches individual style and flair.  StyleChi allows you to express and share views, gives you exclusive access to a selective list of brands and provides you with a price that is unique and which will get better with each interaction on the site.

In Summary StyleChi offers the customer 2 main things:

i)           Real-time rewards: If a user socially interacts with the site, for example logging in, liking an item,  recommending an item to a friend, inviting a friend to join or making friends on the site, their account is immediately credited with Chi points. The same applies on a greater scale when they purchase items.

ii)             Unique prices: Each customer’s unique StyleChi price is calculated from the number of Chi points they have collected.


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